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Third Offensive Content.

A hi-tech BS weapon, the Zapper is a Direct Template Weapon which uses the Small Teardrop Template and fires E/M2 Special Ammunition.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Zapper -- -- -- -- 13 1 E/M2 Direct Template (Small Teardrop), Intuitive Attack

ATTENTION: Use of this weapon is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

The Zapper is a weapon that fulfills functions of advanced physical support to cybercombat and electronic warfare. The development of technology for system cancellation at a tactical level was one of the main objectives of the military industry at the request from the defense departments of all the great powers. The main difficulty was to provide to such technology the power to achieve its goal by keeping a small size that would make it portable in a way that could complement the troop's standard weaponry. To meet this need an open-arc emitting weapon was designed, focusing primarily on Close Quarters Combat. The design of this weapon, called a Zapper due of the flashes caused by their impacts, would originally be based on the design of the E/Marat, but reducing and compacting its components, as well as reinforcing its power at the expense of a smaller range. The main reason for the Zapper’s development has been the growing prominence of highly technological units in the frontline, which confirms the certainty that the High Command and the military developers have about the current and future possibilities of these troops, which will be increasingly common in combat.