X-2 Visor

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This item was removed from the game in Human Sphere N3.

The second generation of the X-Visor converts the Long Distance and Maximum Distance Modifiers to 0, for any roll which requires their application, no matter whether its owner is trying to Discover, Shoot, mark with Forward Observer, and with no limitations on the weapon used.

Human Sphere & Paradiso FAQ Entry

In 3rd Edition, this piece of Equipment alters the Range MODs of the user's BS Weapons, Special Skills, and Equipment from -3 and -6 to 0.

X-2 Visor benefits also apply to Common Skills with Range bands, such as Discover and Suppressive Fire.

The X-2 Visor is an automatic device and does not require the spending of any Orders or making of rolls to use it. This piece of Equipment is vulnerable to E/M Special Ammunition.

Precision is crucial for any shooter, as in a combat situation, each shot counts. The zoom and advanced vision system denominated X-2 Visor has been designed to reach targets at further distances than its predecessor. The X-2 Visor possesses a range-boosted laser telemeter, satellite link capability, and the ability to make the most subtle adjustments in lateral correction (To compensate for wind, target movement…) and angular correction (In respect of the distance to the target). The X-2 Visor allows a clear, precise and defined sight of the target, at distances and under conditions that no other scope can match