White Noise Zone

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  • A White Noise Zone acts as a Zero Visibility Zone, but only for troopers equipped with a Multispectral Visor of any Level, or any other piece of Equipment that specifies the same.
  • This means Troopers wearing a Multispectral Visor cannot draw LoF through a White Noise Zone.
  • Inside a White Noise Zone, troopers with a Multispectral Visor can only declare Skills that do not require LoF or that require them to be in base to base contact with their target.
  • Any trooper with a Multispectral Visor who is the target of a BS Attack into or out of a White Noise Zone, or whose LoF traverses a White Noise Zone, may respond to the attacker even without LoF, provided the Visor-wearing trooper is facing the attacker.
  • However, without a clear LoF to his target, the trooper's ARO (or second Short Skill of his Order in Active Turn) options are reduced to BS Attack with a -6 MOD or Dodge without the MOD.
  • This -6 BS MOD stacks with other MODs to BS from Special Skills, Equipment, Partial Cover, Range, etc., but never with other Visibility Zone MODs.
  • If the trooper is not facing the attacker, but the Attack is performed inside his Zone of Control, then the ARO can be Change Facing.

Notes on White Noise Zones

Visibility MODs never stack with other Visibility MODs. If an area would be affected by two or more Visibility Zones of whatever type, apply only the most obscuring.

For example, if a Low Visibility Zone (-3 MOD) coincides with a Poor Visibility Zone (-6 MOD), treat that area as a Poor Visibility Zone. If two Poor Visibility Zones coincide, apply only one single -6 MOD.

Visibility Conditions and AD: Combat Jump

You cannot use AD: Combat Jump nor place the Landing Zone Template inside of, or in contact with, an area with Low, Poor, or Zero Visibility Conditions.