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When deployed on the battlefield, all troopers are connected with their brothers-in–arms, so if one of them suffers an attack all other troopers close to him will become aware of it and will try to find the source of the attack.


To perform a Warning! the following conditions must be met:

  • The trooper cannot be activated by Order or ARO in the same Order.
  • An allied trooper inside his Zone of Control or the trooper himself must have been targeted by an Attack.

WARNING! RULE (Active Turn/ Reactive Turn)

  • Warning! is always performed at the end of the Order, in the Conclusion, after the ARM/BTS Rolls.
  • Warning! allows the trooper to spin, without changing its position, to modify the arc of his LoF so the attacker is within it.
  • This is an automatic movement which doesn't require any Roll.
  • As Warning! is performed at the Conclusion of the Order, it doesn't generate an ARO.

Warning! Game example:

The unlucky Fusilier Angus suffers a hit from a Grenzer sniper positioned far away. After performing, and failing, the ARM Roll, Angus enters the Unconscious state. However, the Fusilier is inside the Zone of Control of his inseparable Fusilier Bipandra who was not able to react before as she had her back to the Nomads sniper. So, before this Order ends, Bipandra can declare a Warning! and spin around to place the Grenzer in LoF.