Viral Special Ammunition

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

This ammunition is characterized by its enhanced damage capability against living targets.


Bio-Munition, Exotic.


After a successful attack using Viral Special Ammunition, the target must make two BTS Rolls.


  • Viral Special Ammunition forces its target to make two BTS Rolls per impact suffered.
The second BTS Roll is mandatory, even if the target fails the first one or falls Unconscious.
  • Each BTS Roll failed against Viral Special Ammunition causes the target to lose one point from his Wounds/STR Attribute.
  • Critical hits with Viral Special Ammunition cause the target to lose 1 point directly from his Wounds/STR Attribute, bypassing the usual BTS Roll (the target must still make the remaining Roll).
  • If the target has a Wounds Attribute of 1 on his profile and fails a BTS Roll against Viral Special Ammunition, then he enters the Dead state directly, bypassing the Unconscious state. This specific special effect does not apply to:
    • Units whose Wounds Attribute is higher than 1 on their profile (such as Heavy Infantry).
    • Troopers who, during the course of the game, increased their Wounds Attribute above 1.
    • Units with a Structure (STR) Attribute instead of a Wounds Attribute, such as Remotes, TAGs, Vehicles, etc.
    • Units possessing more than one Troop Profile whose cumulative Wounds Attribute is greater than one (for example, units with Transmutation).

A target of Viral Special Ammunition that enters the Dead state directly, bypassing the Unconscious state, cannot activate the Spawn-Embryo, V: Dogged, or V: No Wound Incapacitation states.

Viral Special Ammunition and Shasvastii Game Example:

A Shasvastii Malignos who suffers a hit with Viral Special Ammunition and fails one of both BTS Rolls must be remove from the game table, ignoring the SpawnEmbryo state.

ATTENTION: Use of this Special Ammunition is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

Viral Ammunition uses soft-shell special projectiles coated with immunological inhibitors and with a core of wide spectrum viral agents and or biodesigned nanodevices with a viral destructive programming.

Viral Ammunition is an armament project developed in laboratories by biologists and immunologists commissioned by the Haqqislamite Army. Designed specifically as deadly light ammunition, it's the answer for "One shot, one kill" philosophies. The use of it as anti-riot ammunition against Dogfaces is of interest specifically to Ariadna, which acquired a shipment in exchange for a significant amount of Teseum.