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A Scenery Item is usually a single piece of scenery with a simple, contained structure, such as a section of wall, a doorway, a barricade, a console, etc.

The Scenery Item Profile Chart contains several examples of Scenery Items you can use in your games or as a guide for your own creations.

For a better reference, the different items are grouped in three Types of Scenery Items:

  • Access. Indicates an element that provides access to an area of the game table or into a Scenery Building.
  • Construction. This is a structural element which supports a Scenery Building, but it can also be found as a separate item on the game table.
  • Props. These are the different and separate scenery items troopers can interact with.
Representing Props
Some missions and scenarios in the Infinity Tournament System require specific Props on the battlefield for troopers to interact with. We recommend you use Official Infinity Terrain to represent these Props, as it has been designed with the help of the Infinity team to fit the requirements of the scenario and has the futuristic feel of the Infinity universe.

You can also represent these Props with the printable Markers available at the Downloads section of the official Infinity website (

  • In game terms, both the official Infinity pieces of terrain and any you create yourself provide Cover just like regular pieces of scenery and terrain.
  • However, if you use Markers instead of physical, three-dimensional pieces of scenery, these do not provide Cover of any kind.

Scenery Profile Attributes

Each Scenery Item profile has the following mandatory Attributes:

Armor (ARM)

This value determines how resistant to damage the Scenery Item is. The higher the value, the more resilient the element, and thus the more it reduces the damage of enemy attacks. Scenery ARM values range from 0 to 12.

Bio-Technological Shield (BTS)

BTS is a numeric value for the Scenery Item's NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), Nanotechnological, and Electromagnetic protections. Scenery BTS values range from 0 to 12 in intervals of 3 (0, 3, 6, 9 or 12).

Structure (STR)

This value represents how durable a Scenery Item is and how much damage it can withstand before it is destroyed or dismantled. Scenery STR values range from 1 to 8.

Access Width (AW)

This indicates the dimensions of a Scenery Item—or part of it—that allows troopers to pass through, such as a doorway, a window, etc. There are three possible Access Widths:

  • Narrow. This ingress point is only wide enough for troopers with a S Attribute of 2 or lower. It is marked by a Narrow Gate Marker (NARROW GATE).
  • Wide. This entry point allows all troopers to pass through, regardless of their S value. It is marked by a Wide Gate Marker (WIDE GATE).
  • Cargo. This ingress point allows all troopers to pass through freely, regardless of their S value and the Heavyweight Special Skill. It is marked by a Cargo Gate Marker (CARGO GATE).

All Scenery Items with access points must note their Access Width on their profile.


This section includes all Traits codifying the special rules that govern the Scenery Item. The most common Traits are:


Capacity is a Trait that marks how many troopers it can hold. The number of troopers that can fit inside the Warcraft depends on their Silhouette Attribute.

  • Cargo Single. The Capacity of this item is limited to one single trooper with S 1 or S 2.
  • Cargo Standard. Three configurations are available with this Capacity:
    • 4 troopers with S 1 or S 2.
    • 1 trooper with S 3 or S 5 + 1 trooper with S 1 or S 2.
    • 1 trooper with S 4 or S 6 or S 7.
  • Cargo Plus. This transport has an upgraded cargo capacity. Five configurations are available with this Capacity:
    • 6 troopers with S 1 or S 2.
    • 2 troopers with S 3 or S 5.
    • 1 trooper with S 3 or S 5 + 2 troopers with S 1 or S 2.
    • 1 trooper with S 4 or S 6 or S 7 + 1 trooper with S 1 or S 2.
    • 1 trooper with S 8.


Troopers inside this piece of scenery may declare Dodge to exit it as a response to an Attack against it. If the trooper Dodges successfully, place her in base to base contact outside the piece of scenery.


This piece of scenery is vulnerable to manipulation by means of the Lockpicker Hacking Program or the Engineer Special Skill. The WIP Roll can be modified by the Special Rules of some scenarios.


By spending one Short Skill of an Order and succeeding at a WIP Roll, a trooper in base contact with this piece of scenery can make a Roll on any of the Booty Charts to obtain weaponry or equipment. Once a success has been rolled, that trooper cannot use the Logistics Trait of this piece of scenery again.

  • Troopers possessing the Booty or the Scavenger Special Skill, or any other Skill which specifies so, don't need to make the WIP Roll and may automatically make a Roll on any of the Booty Charts.
  • A trooper in base contact with this piece of scenery may spend one Short Skill of an Order to cancel his Unloaded state.


Fire Special Ammunition has the Anti-materiel Trait when used against this piece of scenery.

Landing Aid

A Landing Aid is an automatic beacon device specifically intended to provide a safe descent and landing. Any trooper or Landing Craft whose Drop Zone is a on Scenery Building with this Trait, or inside the Area of Effect of a Scenery Item possessing this Trait, gets a +3 MOD to the PH Roll.


A Scenery Item possessing this Trait allows Motorbikes and Vehicles (VH) in base to base contact with its higher end to declare a diagonally upward Jump.

Transparent and Semi-Transparent Scenery

Some Scenery Items possess transparent or semi-transparent plastic acrylic pieces. In game terms, players must consider they block LoF as any other opaque item.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: What happens if a miniature with a 25 mm base moves inside a room with a Narrow Access receives a successful Engage attack from a model with a 40 mm base?
A: Both figures will end their movements inside the room, ignoring the Narrow Access.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Can any trooper pass through a Narrow Gate in a Prone State?
A: Yes, because prone troopers have a Silhouette value of 0, so they fulfil the Requirements to pass through the Narrow Gate.
Related Pages: Access Width, Prone, Silhouette
N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: When an Access Scenery Item (a door, for example) enters Destroyed state, is the access point blocked, open or something else?
A: The Access point is considered open.
Related Pages: Access Width, Destroyed