Unconsciousness and Death

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If the value of the Wounds/Structure Attribute of a trooper reaches 0, then that trooper falls immediately into the state of Unconscious (see States).

However, if the Wounds/Structure Attribute falls below 0, the trooper enters the Dead state (see States).

Example of Damage, ARM Roll, Unconsciousness and Death
The Fusilier Angus is involved in a deadly firefight with his arch-enemy the Alguacil Ortega. In the Face to Face Roll of the BS Attack, Angus gets two successes with the Normal Ammunition of his Combi Rifle, meaning Ortega must make two ARM Rolls. A Combi Rifle's Damage is 13, and Ortega has an ARM Attribute of 1. This means Ortega gets to add a +1 to each die, and needs to exceed 13, the Damage of the Combi Rifle, with both dice to avoid harm. The dice are rolled, and Ortega gets these results: 14 and 13. He adds +1 to each die for final ARM Rolls of 15 and 14. Both are higher than the Damage of the gun, so both ARM Rolls are successful, and Ortega suffers no Damage, that is, he loses no points from his Wounds Attribute.
After a change of Player Turn, the face-off continues with a new Order. This time it is Ortega who obtains two successes on his Face to Face Roll, forcing Angus to make two ARM Rolls. Ortega is also using a Combi Rifle, and Angus' ARM is also 1, so the calculations are the same as the previous turn. Angus adds +1 to the result of each die, and needs his final results to exceed 13. Angus rolls and gets an 18 and a 9. With his ARM, the final results are 19 and 10: one success and one failure. Consequently, Angus subtracts one point from his Wounds. Since his Attribute was 1, it now changes to 0, and Angus enters a state of Unconscious. An Unconscious Marker (UNCONSCIOUS) is placed next to poor old Angus' base.
Had Angus failed his two ARM Rolls, he would have lost two points from his Wounds Attribute, leaving him with -1 Wounds and making him enter the Dead state and be removed from play.
BTS Roll example:
A Reverend Healer declares a BS Attack with her Nanopulser against a PanOceanian Neoterra Bolt. The Bolt declares Dodge, but fails his Roll. He must now make a BTS Roll. The Nanopulser uses Nanotech Special Ammunition, which forces the target to make a BTS Roll instead of using his ARM.
A Nanopulser's Damage is 13, and the Neoterra Bolt has a BTS Attribute of 6. This means the Bolt gets to add +6 to the result on his die. To succeed at the BTS Roll, he needs a final result higher than 13, the Damage value of a Nanopulser. The Bolt adds +6 to his die result of 8, meaning the result of his BTS Roll is 14. This is higher than the Damage of the Nanopulser, so the BTS Roll is successful, and the Bolt suffers no Damage, that is, he loses no points from his Wounds Attribute.