Troop Classification

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Troop classification identifies the unit's function within the army and its most salient operational features. It can determine army compositions in missions and scenarios, or in alternative Army Lists for Tournaments and Campaigns.

Garrison Troops

Lightly trained, these units usually act as reinforcements and rearguard support for the rest of the army.

Line Troops

Usually the most numerous, Line Troops form the main corps of the army.

Specially Trained Troops (spec. trained troops)

Specially Trained Troops are Line Troops who have undergone specialized training for certain types of missions.

Veteran Troops

These troops have participated in many campaigns, seen more than their share of combat, and earned their reputation.

Elite Troops

Elite Troops are Special Forces given the best training and equipment and tasked with the most dangerous special ops.

Headquarters Troops

The crème de la crème of elite soldiers, Headquarters Troops are employed only for the most important missions.

Mechanized Troops

Mechanized Troops include units who deploy using mechanized means, whether TAG or armored transports.

Support Troops

This is an umbrella term for all units with a restricted support role in battle.

Mercenary Troops

These professional soldiers sell their combat expertise for a price. They can join a regular army.

Players can only add Mercenary Troops to their Army List by mutual accord, or if such troops are available for their faction, or their Sectorial Army (see Infinity. Human Sphere).

Unless otherwise stated, players cannot add Mercenary Troops to any Combined Army or alien Army List.