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A TinBot is a semi-autonomous piece of Equipment that remains near its owner and provides him with some bonus or benefit.

Comms Equipment, Deployable (1), Non-Lootable, Prior Deployment.
  • During the Deployment Phase, place the TinBot in base to base contact with its owner.
  • The TinBot always remains in base to base contact with its owner, and moves alongside him.
  • For all game purposes, a TinBot is treated as a Marker and not a figure.
  • If the owner of a TinBot falls Dead, remove the TinBot from the game alongside its owner.
  • A TinBot can have a variety of Special Skills and pieces of Equipment; use only those specified in its owner's profile.

Examples of TinBot profiles

These are some of the different TinBot models you will find on the Infinity lists:

Human Sphere N3:

TinBots are basically a mobile platform for infantry support technologies. The limited scope of their functionality allows for straightforward, cost-effective designs like the ones designed by Moto.tronica and XìnHào Tech and manufactured by multiple licensees in different nations. However, what makes TinBots uniquely convenient are their semi-autonomous operational capabilities. They can be seamlessly linked to their user's comlog and will follow him anywhere using their rudimentary vision and satellite positioning cues from the military data sphere. As a TinBot user, you need not pay any heed to your robotic protector, as it will always be at your side. A TinBot will always have your back with all the technology they can cram into its wee frame.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: How does the Piece of Equipment TinBot C work with the Neurocinetics Special Skill on the Yān Huǒ 2 Missile Launcher profile?
A: The TinBot C allow use of the Twin Weapons bonus in the Reactive Turn, granting Burst 2 with Neurocinetics.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Can I declare a BS Attack against a TinBot?
A: No. Because is a state Marker.
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