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Human Sphere N3 Content.

  • This Hacking Program affects only Fireteams from the same Army List as the user.
  • Each player can only have one Supportware Program with the GADGET-EVO Label active on the game table.
Even if the original Team Leader recovers from his Null or Isolated state, the trooper that became the Team Leader, thanks to TeamPro, will continue to be the Team Leader until the player decides otherwise.
Players can only apply this advantage to those units possessing an option with the Fireteam: Duo Special Skill on their Troop Profile.
Creation of a Fireteam rules are applied as usual. However, every Fireteam: Duo in a Generic Army is automatically cancelled at the end of the Order this GADGET Program is cancelled.
  • The target can only benefit from the effects of one GADGET Program at a time. Players must declare which one they will apply.
  • When the user activates this program, which does not require a Roll, place a TeamPro Marker (SUP: TEAMPRO) beside him.
  • Once activated, this program's range covers the entire game table.



  • Each Hacker can only sustain one active Supportware program at a time.
  • Hackers may voluntarily cancel an active Supportware program by declaring another and expending the corresponding Order.
  • Supportware programs are automatically canceled whenever their user enters a Disabled or Isolated state, or any Null state.
  • A player can only sustain one active Supportware program with the GADGET-EVO Label at a time.
  • A trooper with a Supportware Marker can benefit from the effects of only one Supportware program at a time.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Does a Remote that enters a Null state still keep any active Supportware Programs it has when it gets repaired?
A: Yes, because the Requirement of the Programs are that the hacker doesn’t enter Disabled state, Isolate state or any Null state or use another Supportware Program.
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