Tactical Awareness

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This Special Skill defines a higher knowledge of the tactical environment allowing its user a greater operational capability, providing him with an extra Irregular Order.

  • This Special Skill grants to its user an extra Irregular Order in addition to the one provided by their Instruction Characteristic (Regular or Irregular).
  • During the Order Count step of the Player Turn, the player will place an Irregular Order Marker besides the trooper possessing this Special Skill.
  • This exclusive Irregular Order cannot be transformed into a Regular Order by the use of a Command Token or other rule or Skill, unless they specifically state otherwise.
  • In addition, if the owner of this Special Skill belongs to a Fireteam and is designated as the Team Leader, then this Order can be used to activate the Fireteam as if it were a Regular Order.

Tactical Awareness Game Example

A Shàng Jí possessing Tactical Awareness, in addition to the Regular Order it adds to the Order Pool, will have an extra Irregular Order her player will place close to it on the game table during the Order Count step of her Player Turn.
If this Sháng Jí is part of a Fireteam, and its player designates it as the Team Leader, that Irregular Order could be used to activate the Fireteam as if it were a Regular Order.

Tactical awareness is the ability to understand the combat environment and its variables, so its evolution can be roughly predicted to act accordingly. This skill is considered a critical resource in the decision-making process, especially in dynamic and complex tactical situations. The management of the intense flow of information characteristic of these situations allows greater operational freedom that favors the most propitious resolution.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: How do you spend Orders on a Fireteam when using Tactical Awareness or NCO?
A: The Tactical Awareness or NCO trooper does not need to be the Team Leader when spending the Order on the Fireteam, but they must be nominated as the Team Leader when declaring the first Skill of the Order.
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