Swarm Special Ammunition

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N2 Human Sphere & Paradiso Content, to be updated!
This page contains second edition content from Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso.



Biotechnological ammunition that works via area saturation.

In game terms, resisting Swarm Special Ammunition requires a BTS Roll instead of an ARM Roll, it has the effect of the Shock Special Ammunition (applying its rules) and you always place a Circular Template at the point of impact.

The Template of the Swarm Special Ammunition lasts throughout the game turn in which it was fired, and it is considered to be a Low Visibility Area, of infinite height. Moreover, the lethal effect of this ammunition remains active while the Template is on the table, so any figure or Marker, friend or foe, that makes contact with this Template must also make the corresponding BTS Roll. Equally, each figure or Marker, friend or foe, that declares an Order or ARO when it is inside or in contact with the Template, must make a BTS Roll.

Swarm ammunition is vulnerable to FIRE Special Ammunition, removing the Circular Template if it is affected by this kind of ammunition.

The Swarm Special Ammunition is a type of lethal and offensive ammunition, so it always requires a valid target to be fired at. The player cannot use it as if it were Smoke Special Ammunition, shooting it at locations where there are no enemy miniatures.

Swarm Ammunition is very special ammunition that uses diminutive creatures whose measurements are stated in micrometers as its basic components. These creatures are usually insectoid, and of alien origin, or an artificial creation through genetic engineering. The Swarm Ammunition used by the Tohaa is a flying insect called Gnaasos, from Sareota, a Tohaa Colonial planet. The Tohaa have modified the Gnaasos for military functions, increasing their aggression levels, enhancing the lethality of the toxins they secrete and drastically reducing the longevity of these insects. The Swarm Ammunition is created by encapsulating these miniscule beings in state of lethargy inside a receptacle which, when exploding, launches and and disperses them out with great violence. The detonation of the container creates a dark cloud of angry creatures that will attack anything that moves, generating a lethal area in which visibility is highly reduced. However, the damage produced by the explosion, as well as the reduced longevity of the insects, makes the cloud disperse by itself, preventing possible biocontamination of the area.

>> ATTENTION: This Special Ammunition has been included in the list of ammunition forbidden by the Concilium Convention. Its use will be penalized by the international courts.

Game example of Swarm Special Ammunition

Hoaakan, veteran Sakiel from the Tohaa army, is being attacked by Yu Jing troops. He launches a Swarm Grenade in ARO at his adversaries, a Haramaki and a Keisotsu, who are attacking him with a Coordinated Order. The veteran Sakiel wins the Face to Face Roll and places a Circular Template over the Haramaki, which he declared as the target, also affecting the Keisotsu, so both figures must now make the corresponding BTS Roll. The Keisotsu fails his BTS Roll and, being a 1 Wound figure and applying the Shock Special Ammunition, he is removed from the game table. The Haramaki, possessing a BTS value of –3, succeeds at the roll, but he is still inside the area of effect of the Circular Template, so he voluntarily fails his Guts Roll to try to exit the Template area, but his movement value is not enough, so he stays inside the area of effect of the Swarm Special Ammunition Circular Template.

In the next Order, the Haramaki declares to shoot at the Sakiel, but being inside the area of effect of the Circular Template, he must apply a Modifier of –3 to his BS Attribute (Due to the Low Visibility Area rule). Moreover, at the end of the Order, he must make a BTS Roll, due to the damage caused by staying in contact with the Swarm Special Ammunition.