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Using this Special Skill, a trooper can fall upon an unsuspecting enemy with sudden Close Combat attacks that are not easily countered.

Attack, CC Special Skill.

To be able to use Surprise Attack, the trooper must fulfill all the following Requirements:

  • If all requirements are satisfied, the user of this CC Special Skill can apply the Surprise Attack MOD when in Close Combat, as shown in the Surprise Attack Chart.
  • The user of this CC Special Skill cannot use Surprise Attack again until it regains the Marker state.
Name Attack Opponent Damage Burst Type of Special
Surprise Attack 0 -6 0 0 -- --

"There is but one dagger more lethal than that which you cannot see, and is the one you see in the hands of someone you thought a friend."

Hassassin proverb.


If a trooper has access to both these Special Skills, it can combine their effects to obtain further advantages to its maneuvers.


If a trooper has access to these three Special Skills, it can combine their effects to obtain further advantages to its maneuvers.

During her Active Turn, a Ninja advances on an unsuspecting Orc Trooper. The Ninja is in a state of TO Camouflage Marker thanks to her CH: TO Camouflage Special Skill, and she declares that both Short Skills of her Order will be to Move get close to the Orc Trooper.
The Ninja chooses the route of her Movement so that it avoids the LoF of a nearby Fusilier, but crosses his Zone of Control. The Fusilier cannot react by Changing Facing nor Alerting as it might normally do, because the CH: TO Camouflage Special Skill gives the Ninja the additional Stealth Special Skill, which prevents the Fusilier from noticing her.
In her next Order the Ninja declares that the first Short Skill will be to Move to enter base to base contact with the Orc Trooper. The Ninja's movement also avoids the LoF of the Orc Trooper, but as the movement ends in base to base contact, the Orc Trooper can react with a CC Attack without having to Change Facing first. The Ninja, smiling under her mask, declares that she will make a CC Attack on the Orc as the second Short Skill of her Order.
Having declared a Movement that ends in base to base contact, the TO Camouflage Marker is automatically replaced by her figure. However, when the Ninja was activated she was still a TO Marker and, even though the Movement was made as a figure and not a Marker, the Ninja can use the CC Surprise Attack Special Skill to give her opponent a -6 MOD to his CC. In addition, the Ninja also has Martial Arts L3, another CC Special Skill that can be combined with Surprise Attack. The Ninja chooses to use the second Level of her Martial Arts, which gives her a +3 MOD to the Damage of her CC Weapon. All told, in the Face to Face Roll the Orc must take a MOD of -6 to his CC from the Surprise Attack and, if he were to lose the Roll, the Ninja would enjoy a +3 MOD to the Damage of her AP CC Weapon.
Even if he lost the Face to Face Roll, the Orc Trooper could only lose one point from his Wounds Attribute, and he has two. So, with her next Order, the Ninja declares CC Attack again to end him once and for all. However, since the Ninja is now a figure and not a TO Camouflage Marker, she is unable to make another Surprise Attack and must rely on her CC prowess and her Martial Arts L3.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Can a Hacker that acquired the Impersonation-2 state using the Hacking Program: Cybermask declare a Surprise Attack or a Surprise Shot?
A: Yes. As stated in the Impersonation-2 state Effects of the online version (updated from the Errata file), a trooper in this state may use the Surprise Attack or Surprise Shot L1 Special Skills.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: When a Hacker equipped with ODD uses the Hacking Program: Cybermask, does his ODD turn off? When will the ODD turn on again?
A: A trooper can only use or benefit from one Special Skill, piece of Equipment or Hacking Program with the NFB Trait or Label in the same Order.

When you use Cybermask, the ODD will turn off because this Equipment has the NFB Trait and any Special Skill or Equipment with this Trait or Label is incompatibe with any other Special Skill or Equipment that has the same Trait or Label.

The ODD will turn on when you cancel or turn off the effect of the Special Skill, Equipment, or in this case the Hacking Program, that produces the disconnection.

As an example, this means a trooper cannot benefit from the ODD and also the Surprise Shot provided by Cybermask in the same Order.

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