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Suppressive Fire is a combat stance that gives the user the ability to deter enemy actions and movements through concentrated fire.

While in Suppressive Fire, the soldier is more concerned with saturating the combat area with gunfire than he is with actually inflicting damage to the enemy forces. The goal of Suppressive Fire is to restrict the capacity of the enemy forces to maneuver or return fire successfully, by threatening them with indiscriminate hostile fire.

In the hands of a trained soldier providing Suppressive Fire, a gun becomes a mere area-denying tool, burning through magazines at a rate that makes their accuracy irrelevant. The only goal is to saturate the area with projectiles so that the enemy is forced to keep his head down or face hell.


The user must employ a weapon with the Suppressive Fire Trait.



Only weapons with the Trait Suppressive Fire in their Weapons Table profile may be used to declare SF. With very few exceptions, only weapons with B3 or higher may be used to declare SF. Weapons with B2 or lower, or whose Traits box does not indicate Suppressive Fire capabilities, cannot be used to declare SF, even if they apply a MOD that would make their B higher than 2.

Suppressive Fire example 1:
In her Active Turn, a PanOceanian player orders her faithful Fusilier Angus to provide Suppressive Fire. She spends one Entire Order and places a Suppressive Fire Marker (SUP. FIRE) next to Angus' base. During her next Reactive Turn, her opponent activates a figure with a Short Movement Skill inside Angus' LoF, so Angus can react with his full Burst. However, Angus must substitute his HMG profile for the SF Mode profile. This alters his weapons' Range MODs and reduces its B4 to B3. The opponent declares the second Short Skill of his Order: a BS Attack on Angus. This puts him under Angus' Suppressing Fire, so he must apply a -3 MOD to his BS.

Suppressive Fire Example 2:
The PanOceanian player's opponent, during his Active Turn, declares a Coordinated Order that activates three figures inside Angus' LoF. Angus, still in Suppressive Fire, must decide against which one of these three enemies to unload his full SF Mode Burst. Next, each of the three enemies declares a BS Attack against poor old Angus. The figure Angus chose as his target makes a Face to Face BS Roll against Angus, suffering the -3 MOD to BS imposed by the Suppressive Fire. However, the other two active troopers resolve their attacks as Normal BS Rolls, since Angus can only react to one of the three incoming enemies.

Example 3: Suppressive Fire though a Zero Visibility Zone.
Fusilier Angus, still in SF in his Reactive Turn, receives a BS Attack through a Zero Visibility Zone. Angus declares he will return fire with a BS Attack ARO. Angus can utilize the full Burst of his SF Mode weapon, but each of his Rolls suffers a -6 MOD to BS due to the Zero Visibility Zone.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: Is the Suppressive Fire state cancelled when a trooper, in Suppressive Fire, fails its Guts Roll?
A: Yes.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: If I declare a Suppressive Fire ARO beyond 24”, does the -3 MOD for the Suppressive Fire apply to the opponent?
A: No. As the target is farther than the maximum Range value, the attack fails automatically and there is no FtF Roll so the -3 MOD of the Suppressive Fire State doesn’t apply.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: When do I choose which ammunition or fire mode is used while in Suppresive Fire?
A: At the moment of declaring the Burst.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.4, Sep 2018
Q: For a trooper with more than one weapon with the Suppressive Fire trait, must we declare which one he uses to enter Suppressive Fire state or can he use any of those weapons while in this state?
A: When entering Suppressive Fire state, you must choose which weapon the trooper will use.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: A troop with Ghost: Jumper L1 enters in Suppression Fire state, when the Proxy activates another Proxy. Does it cancel the Suppression Fire state or still “associated” with the Proxy in which it was declared?
A: The Suppression Fire state stays on the Proxy who declared it.
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