Sudden Death Mode

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This mode is simpler and has been designed to facilitate quick, fun games. Sudden Death Mode is particularly useful for beginners, but is recommended for all players who prefer their games short and dramatic.

In Sudden Death Mode, the game ends when one of the players has lost too many troops to continue to fight, and must fall back.

In game terms, both players count their survivors at the end of each Active Turn, following the same method as in Retreat! Condition. If the sum of the survivors' Cost in points is equal to or less than 25% of the available points for building the Army List, that player is immediately Defeated and the game ends, (unless the specific end-game conditions of the scenario being played indicate otherwise).

Army points Point value of survivors (25% Army points)
300 75 Points or less
200 50 Points or less
150 38 Points or less
100 25 Points or less

If at any point both armies have less than 25% of their Cost in surviving troops, then the victor is the army with a higher percentage of surviving troops. Bear in mind that undeployed troops (Airborne Deployment, Hidden Deployment...) are considered survivors.

End-Game: Sudden Death Example

At the end of the PanOceanian player's turn, both he and his opponent, a Yu Jing player, count the points they have available. PanOceania has a total of 74 points in survivors, from a 300-point Army List, so that player would be automatically Defeated. However, the Yu Jing player has a total of 53 points in surviving troops (19 points for his Zhanshi armed with a HMG and 34 points worth of Ninja still in Hidden Deployment) from a 300-point Army List (meaning Yu Jing suffered 247 points in casualties). This is 21 points less than his opponent, so the PanOceanian player wins the game.