Stun Special Ammunition

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A type of ammunition devised to incapacitate its target without killing it.




After a successful attack with Stun Special Ammunition, the target must make two BTS Rolls.


  • Stun Special Ammunition forces its target to make two BTS Rolls per impact suffered.
  • A failed BTS Roll against Stun Special Ammunition causes the target to enter the Stunned State.
  • Additionally, failing the BTS Roll causes the target to fail the subsequent Guts Roll for having survived an Attack, unless he has the Special Skill V: Courage or an equivalent.
  • Critical hits with Stun Special Ammunition cause the target to enter the Stunned state directly, bypassing the usual BTS Roll, and to fail the Guts Roll too.

Stun Special Ammunition and weapons loaded with Special Ammunition

If by mutual accord between players or if the scenario allows it, those weapons loaded with only one type of Special Ammunition can load Stun Ammunition (for example an AP Rifle). In such situation, the Stun Ammunition replaces the Special Ammunition of the weapon, being the only ammunition this weapon can shoot during the game. This replacement doesn't affect the weapon profile. Players must announce this change when deploying the trooper.

Example: Stun Ammunition and weapons loaded with Special Ammunition

During the Deployment Phase of a game, the player declares that the AP Rifle of his Veteran Kazak is loaded with Stun Special Ammunition. So, during the whole game, this trooper can only shoot this type of ammunition.

The term Stun Special Ammunition embraces different types of non-lethal ammunition (Electrical, chemical, concussive, etc.) designed with the purpose of incapacitating the target without killing it. This is a type of ammunition characteristic of police and antiterrorist operations. It is used in riot control and hostage operations, missions requiring the capturing the targets alive, and also those undertaken in sensitive areas, such as pressurized environments.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: A trooper with a SymbioMate is hit by a weapon that forces an ARM or BTS Roll, and has the Non-Lethal Trait. Will the SymbioMate be removed by this hit?
A: No. Due to Total Immunity, the trooper will not be making an ARM or BTS Roll, so the SymbioMate is not removed.
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