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Attack, CLAW-1, Non-Lethal.

You may choose any enemy within range as target of this program. The target of this Hacking Program need not have the Hackable Characteristic.

  • In the Active Turn, allows the user to make a WIP-3 Roll against the target.
  • Upon a successful Roll, the target enters the Targeted state, signified by a Targeted Marker (TARGETED) in base to base contact.
  • The effect of this program is canceled automatically at the end of the current Player Turn, but the induced state may be canceled earlier by other means.
  • The range of this program is the Hacker's Hacking Area.


The target may declare Reset as his ARO, regardless of his Troop Type (LI, MI, HI...) and even if the Hacking Attack takes places outside of his LoF.

However, pieces of Equipment (Deployable Repeaters, Sniffers, FastPandas...) are unable to declare Reset.