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Special Terrain zones are areas of the battlefield with special game rules. Players can situate them freely and mark their perimeter in a number of different ways, up to and including building their own thematic scenery.

Special Terrain rules are an easy way to spice up your Infinity games with new tactical challenges, and create interesting, asymmetrical battlegrounds.

Special Terrain


  • Mark Special Terrain areas when you set up the game table, before the game starts.
  • These areas must have well-defined, recognizable limits whether they are represented by templates, pieces of scenery, or any other means.
  • In game terms, Special Terrain areas have infinite height unless otherwise specified.
  • Players must discuss and agree on the specific characteristics of each Special Terrain while setting up the game table.
  • Special Terrain areas are categorized according to their MOV Difficulty, Saturation, Visibility Conditions and Type of Terrain.
  • Each Special Terrain must have one Type of Terrain and at least one other characteristic.

Area of Effect of Special Terrain Zones

The Area of Effect of a Special Terrain zone is the area in where its special effects are applied.

Any trooper in base contact with a Special Terrain zone, or whose base or Silhouette Template is covered at least partially by Special Terrain zone, is equally affected by the Effects of the zone.

MOV Difficulty

Traversing certain areas of the battlefield can be challenging to regular soldiers. Terrain hindrances are codified into two possibilities: Difficult Terrain and Very Difficult Terrain.

Difficult Terrain

Very Difficult Terrain


This characteristic describes the existence of solid obstacles that can limit the effectiveness of projectiles that traverse the area.

Saturation Zone

High Saturation Zone

Visibility Conditions

Due to thick vegetation, jagged rocks, snow, sandstorms and any number of other reasons, some areas obscure a soldier's vision and his ability to aim accurately. This is represented by the following game rules. Vision-obscurant areas are divided into two categories:

Visibility MODs never stack with other Visibility MODs. If an area would be affected by two or more Visibility Zones of whatever type, apply only the most obscuring.

For example, if a Low Visibility Zone (-3 MOD) coincides with a Poor Visibility Zone (-6 MOD), treat that area as a Poor Visibility Zone. If two Poor Visibility Zones coincide, apply only one single -6 MOD.

Visibility Conditions and AD: Combat Jump

You cannot use AD: Combat Jump nor place the Landing Zone Template inside of, or in contact with, an area with Low, Poor, or Zero Visibility Conditions.

Low Visibility Zone

Poor Visibility Zone

Zero Visibility Zone

White Noise Zone

Types of Terrain

This characteristic describes the type of environment that dominates the area.

Select the Type of Terrain before deploying, so that both players know whether they can use the Special Skills Terrain and Multiterrain.

For now, the Types of Terrain available for Infinity games are:


Aquatic Terrain is any area of open water or partially submerged land. Examples of Aquatic Terrain include oceans, lakes, rivers, marshes, and swamps.

Desert Terrain

Desert Terrain describes open areas that receive very little rainfall. These areas are usually severely hot and covered in sand; they are always dry and void of open water. Examples of Desert Terrain include sand dunes, rocky grounds, and desolate savannas.

Mountain Terrain

Mountain Terrain encompasses areas high above sea level – usually rocky and sparsely vegetated – as well as artic and subarctic ecoregions. Examples of mountain terrain include low, mid, and high mountain areas; ravines, fjords, cliffs, arctic plains covered in ice and snow, and tundra regions.

Jungle Terrain

Jungle Terrain describes densely vegetated areas of any kind. Examples of Jungle Terrain include rainforest, jungle, dense woodlands, and thickly grown alien biomes.

Zero-G Terrain

Zero-G Terrain is any area where gravity is low to nonexistent. Movement and orientation in these circumstances requires different skills than on solid ground. Zero-G Terrain includes areas with and without an atmosphere, including the vacuum of space.

Examples of Zero-G Terrain include spacecraft cargo bays, the outer rings of small space stations or orbitals, outside a flagship's hull, a space boarding operation, a derelict spaceship, and a moon base whose artificial gravity is malfunctioning.

Hostile Environment

You can complete your Special Terrain by using the Hostile Environment rules introduced in theInfinity. Campaign: Paradiso rulebook. To do so, simply assign a Hostility Level to each area.

Special Terrain Suggestions and Example

Beach Aquatic Difficult -- No --
Open sea Aquatic Very Difficult -- No Insecure
Swamp Aquatic Very Difficult -- Saturation Zone Insecure
Rocky ground Desert Difficult -- Saturation Zone --
Sand dunes Desert Very Difficult -- No Adverse
Low mountain or steep hills Mountain Difficult -- No --
Arctic plains Mountain Difficult -- No Insecure
Mid-mountain Mountain Very Difficult -- No --
High mountain Mountain Very Difficult Low Visibility Saturation Zone Adverse
Woods Jungle Difficult Low Visibility Saturation Zone Insecure
Jungle Jungle Very Difficult Low Visibility Saturation Zone Adverse
Dense jungle Jungle Very Difficult Poor Visibility High Saturation Zone Dangerous
Primeval forest Jungle Very Difficult Zero Visibility High Saturation Zone Dangerous
Zero-G Zero-G Very Difficult -- No --
Storm Aquatic/Desert/Mountain/Jungle -- Increases Visibility Conditions by one level -- --
Engine Room -- (Optional: Zero-G) -- (If Zero-G: Difficult) Low Visibility Saturation Zone --
Generator Room -- (Optional: Zero-G) -- (If Zero-G: Difficult) White Noise Saturation Zone --
Energy Core Room -- (Optional: Zero-G) -- (If Zero-G: Difficult) Low Visibility + White Noise -- --