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Certain weapons can fire ammunition with effects that differ from the standard Normal Ammunition. Listed below are the different Types of Special Ammunition and their effects.


Weapons with two or more Special Ammunition types in brackets separated by the 'plus' symbol (AP+DA, for example) apply the effects of both in each of their Attacks.

Certain Special Skills, such as Dual Wield, allow the user to combine the effects of two or more types of Special Ammunition.

In either case, when the combined effects involve the same Attribute (ARM, for example), apply both in the same Roll. For example, in the case of AP+DA, two Special Ammunition types that affect ARM, each successful attack would cause the target to make two ARM Rolls (due to DA Special Ammunition) with his ARM value halved (due to AP Special Ammunition) in both Rolls.

Otherwise—if the Special Ammunition affects different Attributes— then their effects are not combined, but applied separately, forcing the target to make a separate Roll for each affected Attribute. For example, in the case of AP+E/M, the target must make a halved ARM Roll (due to AP Special Ammunition) and, additionally, a halved BTS Roll (due to E/M Special Ammunition).

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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Against an AP+Shock shot, how does Bioimmunity work if you choose to make the Armor Roll with the BTS Attribute?
A: The Shock Ammunition would treated like Normal Ammunition, but is combined with AP Ammunition so it is compulsory to make the Roll with the ARM Attribute, not with the BTS.
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