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This state is activated when a trooper with the Special Skill Shasvastii would fall Unconscious.


Spawn-Embryo is the name of the Unconscious state for troopers with the Special Skill Shasvastii.

The Spawn-Embryo state works like the Unconscious state, with the following discrepancies:

  • Instead of placing an Unconscious Marker (UNCONSCIOUS) next to the trooper, place a Spawn-Embryo Marker.
  • During the game, troopers in the Spawn-Embryo state do not count as casualties for the purposes of determining the total point cost of surviving troopers. Similarly, the opposing army cannot count them as casualties when determining the point cost of eliminated troopers.
  • If a trooper in the Spawn-Embryo state receives an Attack, it uses the regular ARM value indicated in its profile.
  • Troopers in the Spawn-Embryo state are not removed from the battlefield even if their player does not have the means to heal them (Doctor, Paramedic, AutoMediKit...).
  • At the end of the game, troopers in the Spawn-Embryo state are treated like Unconscious troopers, that is, they do not count towards their players' Victory Points.


  • As with the Unconscious state, a trooper in the Spawn-Embryo state that loses one or more further Wounds points enters the Dead state and is removed from play as a casualty.
  • Similarly, as with the Unconscious state, the Spawn-Embryo state is cancelled if the trooper regains at least one point of its Wounds Attribute and enters the Normal state thanks to being healed by a Special Skill (Doctor, Regeneration...), a piece of Equipment (AutoMediKit, MediKit...), or any other effect.

The Spawn-Embryo state is a type of Unconscious state, and troopers in either state do not generate Orders.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.4, Sep 2018
Q: How does Shock Special Ammunition affect troops whose troop profile has a Wounds Attribute greater than 1 and who have the Special Skills V: Dogged or V: No Wound Incapacitation?
A: It will have the same effect as Normal Ammunition in this situation. The Important! Box text should read:

A target of Shock Special Ammunition that enters the Dead state directly, bypassing the Unconscious state, cannot activate the Spawn-Embryo, V: Dogged, or V: No Wound Incapacitation states.

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