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A Cube-wearing trooper failed its BTS Roll against a Sepsitor Attack.


Only troopers with a Cube, or an equivalent Back-up Characteristic, can enter this state.


  • The trooper ceases to be a part of the army that fielded him. The player who fielded the trooper considers him to be in the Dead state for all purposes, including Order generation and survivor count for Retreat!
  • Furthermore, the Sepsitorized trooper is automatically considered an enemy to the player who originally fielded it.
  • Instead, the Sepsitorized trooper now belongs to the army whose player caused him to enter that state. Consider the Sepsitorized trooper to belong to the Combat Group of the trooper who used the Sepsitor against him.
  • However, troopers in this state do not generate Orders for the player who Sepsitorized them and they are not accounted for Retreat!
  • Sepsitorized troopers cannot be counted by either player during the Victory Point count at the end of the game.
  • This state does not affect Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment.


Barring special Scenario rules, this state is irreversible and cannot be cancelled.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: Can a troop with the Special Skill Protheion declare an Attack with this skill against an Unconscious trooper that is in Sepsitorized State and controlled by you?
A: No. Sepsitorized troops are considered Allies even when Unconscious. So, it can not be the target of attacks from his own troops.
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