Scenery Structures: Lifts

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Lifts allow troopers to change the level in a Scenery Building or structure faster than using the stairways.

There are two different types of Lifts: Elevators and Hoists, possessing a different Capacity Trait (see Scenery Item Profiles Chart).

Depending on the Type of Elevator, these Scenery Items must be represented by a Elevator Marker, a Hoist Template or with a scenery piece of the same diameter. Players must place the Marker, Template or scenery item on each level of the Scenery Building.


  • To activate a Lift it is necessary that a trooper be in base contact or inside the Lift and declare the Activate Common Skill. The player must specify which level he wants the Lift reaches when declaring Activate.
  • Everything inside a Lift will appear in the level declared by the player, at the end of the Order, in its Conclusion, after the Guts Rolls, if they were necessary.
  • If both players declare Activate in the same Order, but specifying different levels, then the Elevator will be blocked and will not move in that Order.
  • A Lift is always available. If there are any troopers or items inside the Lift on the same level the player has declared he wants the Lift to reach, then they are placed outside the Lift with their base in contact at the end of that Order, in its Conclusion.
  • Unless the scenario rules indicate otherwise, Access points on Lifts are always open.

Lifts Example

During their Reactive Turn, the ubiquitous Fusilier Angus and his loyal partner Fusilier Bipandra are on Level 3 (Lingerie) of a commercial building. Angus is placed inside an Elevator. Meanwhile Bipandra, who is outside, has LoF to the Elevator.
On Level 1 (Perfumery) of the same building, there is a stealthy Spektr who spends 1 Order to enter the Elevator, place an Antipersonnel Mine, and leave the Elevator. With a new Order the Alguacil Ortega, Angus' bitter enemy, moves to reach base contact with the Elevator and declares Activate with the second Short Skill of the Order. This means Angus is moved outside the Elevator, with his base in contact with the Elevator while the Camouflage Marker representing the Mine appears on Level 3 inside the Elevator. Angus and Bipandra have LoF to the Marker placed inside the Elevator, but neither of them can declare any ARO to this Order because, apart from the fact the Order was declared outside their LoF and ZoC, the Mine only becomes visible at the end of the Order.