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Under Retreat! rules, the game ends when one of the players has lost all available troops, either because they fell in combat or because they withdrew and abandoned the battlefield.

Retreat! allows Infinity players to continue to play as long as there are survivors on the table, fighting to their last man to turn the game around at the last minute.

In game terms, each player must, at the beginning of their Active Turn, during the Tactical Phase, make a count of their surviving troops. For this purpose, consider any troops that have not yet been placed on the table (Airborne Deployment, Hidden Deployment...) as survivors. If the sum of the survivors' Cost in points is equal to or less than 25% of the points available for building the Army List, then that army enters a state of Retreat!.

Army points Point value of survivors (25% Army points)
300 75 Points or less
200 50 Points or less
150 38 Points or less
100 25 Points or less

An army in Retreat! is automatically considered to be in a state of Loss of Lieutenant.

As long as the army is in Retreat!, its owner cannot name a new Lieutenant. If the state of Retreat! is canceled and the army has a Lieutenant, then the Loss of Lieutenant state is canceled as well.

When the Retreat! state is declared at the beginning of a player's Active Turn, that player places a Retreat! Marker (RETREAT!) beside each of his surviving troops.

Troops with a Retreat! Marker (RETREAT!) can only use Short Movement Skills, Cautious Movement, Change Facing, Dodge or Reset (or any Special Skills that allow it explicitly). This Marker can only be removed by canceling the state of Retreat! altogether.

Troops with the Special Skill V: Courage (or any that include its effects, such as Martial Arts, G: Remote Presence, G: Mnemonica...), Religious Troop, Veteran or any other Special Skill that protects them from the effects of Retreat! state do not receive a Retreat! Marker (RETREAT!) and ignore all effects of Retreat! state until the end of the game.


During his Active Turn, a player can expend a Command Token for each trooper he wants to have ignore the effects of Retreat! These troops ignore the effects of the Retreat! state until the end of the game.

In a Retreat! situation, all troops who exit the game table via the widest side of their Deployment Zone are considered to have survived the battle and can be counted as Victory Points by their owner.

When a player in Retreat! has lost or evacuated all troops in his Army List, the battle ends (unless the specific end-game conditions of the scenario being played indicate otherwise).

In a Retreat! situation the Impetuous Phase of the Player Turn is not applied, so those Extremely Impetuous, Impetuous, and Frenzy troopers cannot use their Impetuous Order.

Canceling the state of Retreat!

At the beginning of each of their Active Turns, players can make a count of their surviving troops. If the point cost of the survivors is more than the 25% threshold—because an Unconscious troop was restored to combat readiness, for example—then the Retreat! state is canceled, the relevant Retreat! Markers (RETREAT!) are removed, and the Active Turn can be played normally.

*If a player's surviving troops add up to 25% or less of the Army List points, that player is declared in Retreat!
*The army is in Loss of Lieutenant.
*All troops (save Special Skill exceptions) become Irregular as per the Loss of Lieutenant rules. Place an Irregular Order Marker beside each of them.
*Place a Retreat! Marker beside each affected troop on the battlefield.
Troops with a Retreat! Marker can only declare Short Movement Skills, Cautious Movement, Dodge and Reset.
*Troops with a Retreat! Marker who exit the table through the broad side of their Deployment Zone will be counted as Victory Points.
*At the start of each turn, re-count the survivors. If they add up to more than 25% of the Army List, cancel Retreat!

Retreat Summary Chart

Troop LoL Retreat!
Normal Irregular Irregular, Retreat!
Impetuous Irregular, Impetuous Irregular, Retreat!
V: Courage Irregular Irregular
G: Remote Presence Irregular Irregular
Regular Religious Troop Irregular Regular
Veteran L1 Regular Regular
Morat Regular Regular

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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: If a Command Token is used to cancel Retreat! for a unit does this also ignore other effects of Retreat!, e.g. downgrading Camouflage to Mimetism, breaking links, etc?
A: The Token cancels all the effects of the Retreat! state for the trooper.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.5, Jan 2019
Q: If a trooper with the Baggage Special Skill is in a Null state, how do they interact with Retreat!, Killing and Victory Points?
A: As Automatic Equipment does not work while in a Null state, the extra Army Points or Victory Points for Baggage do not apply. For example an Ikadron that survives the game in a non-Null state is worth 29 Victory Points, but if it is in a Null state it will only be worth 9 points for Killing. In addition, the force’s Retreat! threshold is based on the number of non-Null troopers with Baggage.
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