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Game Round

Infinity games are divided into Game Rounds, or Rounds, during which both players have the chance to take an active role. This means each Round is divided into two Player Turns, or Turns, one for each player.

At the start of a Round, a new Player Turn begins, following the turn order determined during the Initiative Phase.

At the end of the Round, all game effects (Special Skills, Weapons, Equipment...) with a Round duration also end.

Player Turn

During each Turn there is an Active Player and a Reactive Player. The Active Player can activate his troops and execute actions, while the Reactive Player can react to the activation of the Active Player's troops (see ARO: Automatic Reaction Order).

Each Player Turn is divided into these steps:

  1. Start of the Turn: Tactical Phase
    1. Retreat! check
    2. Loss of Lieutenant check
    3. Order count
  2. Impetuous Phase
  3. Orders Phase
  4. End of the Turn


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Under 3rd Ed rules, how should the game terms Game Turn and Player Turn in the Campaign Paradiso rules be treated?
A: When the game terms “Game Turn” and “Player Turn” appear in the Campaign Paradiso rule texts, you must consider them as Game Round and Player Turn respectively.
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