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Human Sphere N3 Content.

An advanced Direct Template BS Weapon which loads Nanotech Special Ammunition.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Pulzar -- -- -- -- 13 1 Nanotech Direct Template (Large Teardrop), Intuitive Attack, Non-Lootable

The Pulzar is a superior variant of the famous Nanopulser, different from it due to its increased range and greater capability of offensive nanobot dispersion. Just like the Nanopulser there are many versions of this weapon on the market. Even though there are external use models, most of this versions are made to be implanted in the user's body. The visual discretion of the body integrated variants turns them into ideal weapons for use in covert operations. However, the Pulzar is considered military gear and lacks a civilian use license.