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Order Pool

The Order Pool is the amount of Regular Orders available to each Combat Group during their Active Turn. The more troopers with the Characteristic Regular in a Combat Group, the bigger its Order Pool.

Each Combat Group has its own Order Pool. Furthermore, each Combat Group can only use its own Regular Orders, and never Orders from the Order Pool of a different Combat Group.

There is no limit to the number of times Regular Orders can activate the same trooper during its Active Turn; the only limit is the size of the Order Pool of its Combat Group.

You can spend Regular Orders from your Order Pools in any order. When you activate a trooper, you do not need to spend all orders you plan to use on that trooper consecutively, but can alternate between troopers and even Combat Groups.

Players are not required to expend all Regular Orders in their Order Pools.

Players recalculate Order Pools at the beginning of each of their Active Turns, during the Tactical Phase. Each time players suffer a casualty, that is, when one of their troopers enter a Null state (Unconscious, Dead, Sepsitorized...), they lose that trooper's Orders for subsequent Turns.

Structure of the Order Pool

Only Regular orders go into the Order Pool. Irregular Orders, Impetuous Orders and the Special Lieutenant Order are not part of any Order Pool.

The status and expenditure of Order Pools is Open Information. Players must place the Order Markers for each of their Order Pools where all players can see them.

Order Pools and Undeployed Troopers

Only troopers on the battlefield, whether in the form of a figure or represented by a Marker—Camouflage, TO, Impersonation, etc.—contribute Orders to their Order Pool. Regular troopers that have not yet deployed onto the table due to Special Skills such as Airborne Deployment or TO Camouflage do not add their Order to their Order Pool until they start their Active Turn deployed.

The exception to this rule is provided by those troopers possessing a Special Skill as Airborne Deployment or TO Camouflage deployed using an Impetuous Order .

The status and existence of Orders provided by undeployed troopers is Private Information. Markers for Regular Orders provided by undeployed troopers can be kept secret and out of sight of the opponent.

Order Markers and undeployed troopers
The status and existence of Orders provided by undeployed troopers is Private Information.

If a trooper has a Special Skill that allows it to not deploy during the Deployment Phase, its player can keep that trooper's orders (Regular, Irregular, Impetuous, Lieutenant...) out of sight of the opponent until the trooper finally deploys.

Order Pool example

A player has an Army List with 12 Regular troopers divided in two Combat Groups of 8 and 4 troopers respectively. She has two Order Pools, one with 8 Regular Orders and a second one with 4 Regular Orders.
She could use her 8 Regular Orders in the first Order Pool to activate the 8 troopers in that Combat Group once. She could also give all those Orders to a single trooper, activating it 8 times. Alternatively, she could give 4 Orders to one trooper, 3 to another and 1 to a third trooper.
She can assign those 8 Orders in any combination within the first Combat Group, and do the same with the 4 Regular Orders available for the second Combat Group. What she cannot do is use orders from the first Combat Group to activate troopers in the second Combat Group, or vice versa.