Number 2

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

The owner of this Special Skill is the next in the command echelon to the Team Leader of a Fireteam, being able to replace him if necessary during the combat operations.

  • To be able to activate this Special Skill, the Number 2 trooper must be part of a Fireteam.
  • The player can only activate this Special Skill when the Team Leader of his Fireteam enters the Isolated state or any Null state.
  • This Special Skill allows its user to automatically become the new Team Leader of his Fireteam, placing the Team Leader Marker beside him.
  • Even if the previous Team Leader recovers from the Isolated or Null state, the Number 2 trooper will continue to be the Team Leader until the player decides otherwise.

The Number 2 is the Fireteam's second in command and is accountable to the Combat Force's lieutenant and the Fireteam Leader for the discipline and safety of the Fireteam's soldiers. Number 2s are designated when organizing the Fireteams, establishing a clear chain of command to prevent disorganization when they are engaged with the enemy. Number 2s are not very common due to the significant experience required to deal effectively with the chaotic situation caused by the fall of the Fireteam Leader.