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Human Sphere N3 Content.

A Deployable and Disposable piece of Equipment consisting in a portable signal blocking device.

Comms Attack, Comms Equipment, Deployable, Disposable (3), Indiscriminate, Optional, Zone of Control

In the Reactive Turn, LoF to the Active trooper is required.

  • By spending a Short Skill or ARO, the user places a Nullifier Marker on the game table to represent this piece of Equipment. This action is an Attack.
  • In the Active Turn, the trooper can deploy the Nullifier Marker in base contact or, if he moved, in base contact with any part of his route. In the Reactive Turn, the trooper must deploy the Nullifier Marker in base contact.
  • Nullifier Markers are not considered deployed until the Conclusion of the Order.
  • Once the Marker is placed on the game table, the Nullifier will be considered activated, and can be used in the following Orders/AROs.
  • The Area of Effect of a Nullifier is its Zone of Control (8 inch radius).
  • Inside the Area of Effect of a Nullifier troopers cannot declare the use of Hacking Programs, Technical Weapons, Comms Attacks, or Sepsitor, applying the effect of an Idle in such situation.
  • Moreover, troopers, weapons, or pieces of Equipment inside of the Area of Effect of a Nullifier, cannot be targeted by any Hacking Program, Technical Weapons, Comms Attacks or Sepsitor.
  • A deployed Nullifier remains on the table until the end of the game or until it is destroyed.

Nullifier and Scenery Items

The Nullifier has no effect on those Scenery Items or pieces of Equipment placed in missions or scenarios (Consoles, Beacons, Access Gates...) which can still be activated as their description indicates, unless the rules of the scenario says otherwise.

Nullifier Game Example:

During his Reactive Turn, a Sakiel carrying a Nullifier is attacked by a Charontid with a Sepsitor. The Sakiel declares the deployment of a Nullifier as an ARO. Neither of these Attacks declared by both troopers require a Roll, so the Sakiel will have to make a BTS Roll due the Sepsitor Attack, and his player will place a Nullifier Marker besides the base of the Sakiel at the end of the Order.

While the Nullifier Marker is on the game table, the Charontid cannot use the Sepsitor inside the Zone of Control of the Nullifier, applying the effect of an Idle if the alien trooper declares an Attack with it.

Nullifier Profile

0 0 1 1

The Nullifier was developed by the Tohaa Trinomial engineers as last ditch defense against the EI menace. The supremacy in cyber-combat of the Aspects created by the alien Artificial Intelligence and the danger of the Sepsitor forced adoption of a zero-activity defensive system. The massive jamming system of the Nullifier means a total communication blockade, establishing a deadlock for any type of transmission and electronic activity within its area of effect. However, the annexation of the Sygmaa Trihedron to the Ur Hegemonic Civilization has caused its appearance amongst the troops of the Combined Army.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: A trooper inside the enemy Hacking Area declares that they are placing a Sniffer or Deployable Repeater. The enemy declares Blackout and gets a successful Roll and the trooper fails the BTS Roll. Does all the Comms Equipment enter the Disabled state including the deployed item?
A: No. Blackout only affects the Equipment that has not been deployed.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.4, Sep 2018
Q: Can Nullifiers be “turned on” and “off” at will?
A: No. The Optional trait only applies to deploying the Nullifier.
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