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Normal Rolls are the most common, basic dice rolls in Infinity. This roll is used when a troop is not facing off against an enemy, but instead must prove successful in an uncontested or passively contested Skill (such as Opening/Closing doors, trying to Discover a camouflaged enemy or healing an ally by means of the Doctor Special Skill).

To make a Normal Roll and find out if a troop is successful when performing a Skill, simply roll one d20 and compare the result against the relevant Attribute of the troop performing the action. If the result on the die is equal to or lower than the Attribute, the Skill is successful, and the troop achieves its goal.

Example: Normal Rolls
The Fusilier Angus has to make a Normal BS Roll, so he rolls a d20 and gets an 8. Since the value of Angus' BS Attribute is 12, he passes the roll. Later on, Angus tries another Normal BS Roll, but this time he gets a 15. With a BS Attribute of 12, he fails the roll.