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Nimbus is a non-lethal ammunition used to obscure enemy lines of fire and reduce the firepower of any BS Attack that crosses the area.




  • Nimbus Special Ammunition generates an area with the effects of both a Low Visibility Zone and a Saturation Zone (see Special Terrain, Visibility Conditions and Saturation) the size of a Circular Template and with infinite height.
  • The MODs of Low Visibility Zone due to Nimbus Special Ammunition will be also applied to troopers equipped with a Multispectral Visor of any Level, or any other piece of Equipment that specifies the same.
  • The Nimbus Template remains on the table until the end of the Player Turn in which it was placed.
  • Firing Nimbus Special Ammunition is an Attack.
  • Nimbus Special Ammunition is a non-offensive ammunition, so it does not require an enemy—or, in fact, any trooper at all—as a target, and can be thrown at any point on the table.
  • Critical hits with Nimbus Special Ammunition have no additional effect.

Nimbus Special Ammunition is a non-lethal application of military nanotechnology, whose localized deployment abides by the restrictions in nanotech proliferation imposed by international law after the Nanotech Wars debacle. Nimbus ammunition is a double-purpose nanotechnological system. On one hand, it blocks and interferes with both visual and signal information with a nanobot cloud thick enough to reduce visibility and the penetration rate of radiation. On the other hand, the nanobot screen serves as a firepower dampening system, reacting to penetration with a localized increase in thickness that can divert or deflect ten to fifty percent of overall projectiles. Nimbus technology was developed as a cover element for tactical groups, and has been successful in increasing their survival rates in the field.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.3, Oct 2017
Q: Can weapons with the Impact Template Trait and no value in the damage attribute be fired with allied troopes in their area of effect? For example, a Smoke Grenade, an Eclipse Grenade or a Nimbus Grenade.
A: Yes.
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