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Human Sphere N3 Content.

A trooper with this Special Skill possesses enhanced response implants, which provide him a better reaction capability.

  • During the Active Turn, the Burst (B) value of all the BS Weapons of the trooper with this Special Skill are reduced to 1.
  • During the Reactive Turn, Neurocinetics allows the trooper to use the whole Burst (B) value against a single target.

Notes on Neurocinetics

  • If the BS Roll is a Normal Roll, make as many Rolls as the weapon's B value.
  • If the BS Roll is a Face to Face Roll, the resolution is similar to firing in Active Turn, but taking more dice into account. Players make all BS Rolls and then compare them. All modified results that are better than the opponent's best Roll hit their mark and force the target to make an ARM Roll.

Neurocinetics are illegal devices in most parts of the Human Sphere. It is a technology of military origin with instinctive activation that affects the combat reflexes of the user. His reactions occur in time units shorter than those of a standard human. In the long term, the consequences for the nervous system are severe. The individuals with Neurocinetics can be recognized by their obsessively slow and cautious movements, which indicate those who have to control their reactions constantly.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: How does the Piece of Equipment TinBot C work with the Neurocinetics Special Skill on the Yān Huǒ 2 Missile Launcher profile?
A: The TinBot C allow use of the Twin Weapons bonus in the Reactive Turn, granting Burst 2 with Neurocinetics.
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