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Human Sphere N3 Content.

This advanced device generates a thick cloud of nanobots which provide mobile Partial Cover to its bearer.

Fire-Sensitive, Non-Lootable, Obligatory
  • The player must place a Nanoscreen Marker in base to base contact with the user when deploying it during the Deployment Phase.
  • The Nanoscreen provides Partial Cover to its user in 360˚, providing the corresponding MODs.
  • The Partial Cover MODs provided by the Nanoscreen cannot be added to any other Partial Cover MOD.
  • This piece of Equipment cannot be used in CC.

Nanoscreen and Fire Special Ammunition

If the user of a Nanoscreen is affected by Fire Special Ammunition, then this piece of Equipment is rendered Burnt, regardless of the result of the ARM Roll. Place a Burnt Marker beside the user, who remains in that state until his Equipment is repaired (usually by an Engineer).

The cloud of nanobots generated by a nanoscreen device is so thick that it is able to stop a ballistic attack. The nanoscreen is a highly advanced piece of special equipment. An extreme level of sophistication is required to achieve the reaction capacity the minute nanobots display against high velocity threats. However, the energy that must be consumed to stop multiple projectiles in the air suggests the presence of high performance nanobatteries. These are believed to have a remarkable recharge capacity through a wireless emitter and the support of an environmental energy supply system. All of this points to the technological level known as VoodooTech. The existence of this kind of device in the Human Sphere only can be explained through reverse-engineering of captured equipment.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: What happens when a troop with Nanoscreen becomes Impetuous?
A: This miniature no longer benefits from the Modifiers for Partial Cover, as indicated by the Impetuous rule.
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