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Human Sphere N3 Content.

Occasionally, during a game, it is necessary to replace a trooper, or a piece of Equipment, with another model or marker due to a Special Skill, piece of Equipment, game condition, or scenario condition.


If the trooper, or piece of Equipment, that replaces the original trooper, or piece of Equipment, possesses the same base size, then the center of the base of the new trooper, or piece of Equipment, must match the position of the center of the base of the original.


However, some Special Skills, pieces of Equipment, game conditions, or scenario conditions require that the trooper be replaced by another model or Marker with a different Silhouette Attribute value and base size.

In such a case, the player has two options to choose from:

  • The player can opt to match the center of the new base with the center of the base of the original trooper it replaced.
  • The player can make the edge of the new base match the edge of the original base it replaced. As seen in the graphic, the arc of the circumference of the borders must coincide.
  • This allows, for example, the new trooper to gain contact with Cover that the trooper it replaced didn't have. In a similar way, this allows the new trooper to enter Engaged state.
However, this rule cannot be used to cancel the Engaged state.

Where the replacement is mandatory and inevitable, because of a rule, Special Skill, or piece of Equipment that has the Obligatory Label, the following must be taken into account:

  • If the diameter of the new base is wider than the surface, so the surface cannot support it, the trooper or piece of Equipment will fall.
  • If the space available is less than the volume determined by the silhouette template, then this trooper or piece of Equipment will enter the Immobilized-2 state.

This state can only be cancelled if the conditions of the space in which is the trooper or piece of Equipment is in change and may not be cancelled in the usual manner defined by the state itself.

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