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Human Sphere N3 Content.

A BS weapon characterized by its increased accuracy and firepower.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Mk12 0-8" 0 8-24" +3 24-32" -3 32-48" -6 15 3 N Suppressive Fire

The role of the Mk12 (Read Mark-12) is to provide precise and fast fire with a large calibre round. In terms of accuracy and terminal ballistics, the Mk12 is effective at distances that exceed that of a normal Assault Rifle but it does not reach the long ranges of Sniper Rifles. However, in spite of this shorter range, the higher rate of fire provides it with unique qualities as a support weapon. The Mk12 has demonstrated effectiveness against different types of targets both in test centres and in live action, but its recoil is so strong as to be almost beyond human limitations, restricting the number of troopers who can carry it.

Conceptually, the Mk12 is a development of the conventional Assault Rifle, modified to be a squad support weapon but keeping many common parts to facilitate maintenance and logistics. There are different versions of the Mk12 all throughout the Human Sphere, depending on the manufacturer. Usually they are modifications of a pre-existing weapon which has been given a longer and heavier barrel, a feed mechanism adapted to the higher calibre, and a reinforced chamber. The name of this weapon is due to its ammunition, which has an appearance and effect very similar to the famous Holland-12 Grand Safari, used in big game hunting to bag great prizes such as elephants or rhinos.