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MediKits are Special Equipment that can help allies regain consciousness. The MediKit is the injury treatment medical device used by all Paramedics.

Medikit Skill

  • MediKits can only be used on Unconscious friendly troopers.
  • A MediKit can be used in one of two ways:
  • To use it remotely, the user must have LoF to the target.
  • To use it as contact equipment, the user must be in base to base contact with the target.
  • Used remotely, a MediKit is a piece of Equipment that acts as a Non-Lethal BS Weapon. If the user spends one Short Skill and passes a BS Roll with all applicable MODs (Range, Cover, Camouflage and Hiding, ODD...), the target gets to make just a PH-3 Roll.
  • The MediKit can also be used in base to base contact simply by spending one Short Skill. This gives the target the chance to make a PH-3 Roll.
  • If the target passes the PH-3 Roll, he recovers 1 point of its Wounds Attribute, automatically recovering from Unconsciousness.
  • If the target fails the Roll, he immediately enters the Dead state and is removed from play.
  • Using a MediKit never causes the target to make an ARM Roll or a Guts Roll.
  • Using a MediKit, troopers can be recovered from the Unconscious state as many times as desired, as long as they keep passing their PH-3 Rolls.

MediKits can only be used to heal friendly troopers in the Unconscious state, and they can recover only 1 point of their Wounds Attribute at a time. MediKits cannot heal more than 1 point of Wounds, and they have no effect on non-Unconscious troopers.

MediKit and Marker troopers

Using MediKit on a remote target is not an Attack, but it nonetheless reveals the user if he was in a Marker state (Camouflage, TO, Impersonation...).

Medikit Weapon Profile

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
MediKit 0-8" +3 8-16" +0 16-24" -6 -- -- 1 -- Non-Lethal

By far the most widespread nano-injection medical device in the military, the MediKit has had many incarnations throughout the years. The newest model is handgun sized, and its chamber is surrounded by a magnetic coil. Once the desired nanotreatment capsule is loaded and the electric trigger pulled, the coilgun launches a microprojectile with enough force to penetrate the skin and deliver the treatment. The microprojectile itself is little more than capsule with a dose of medical nanobots suspended in a liquid nutrient colloid. Less modern versions deliver the treatment via hypospray, which has slightly longer response times, or via archaic pneumatic pistols.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.3, Oct 2017
Q: If a troop with Special Skill: Scavenger take a Hacking Device or a Medikit, is it considered a Specialist Troop?
A: Yes.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.4, Sep 2018
Q: Do MediKits, Forward Observer, Discover, Deactivators and Minesweepers get the Burst Support Bonus granted by a Fireteam? Can they be used with Triangulated Fire?
A: No, because they are Skills or items of Equipment.
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