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Weapon profile

All usable weapons have their own profile. To explain how to read a weapon's profile, we will look at a Combi Rifle, the most common weapon in Infinity.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Combi Rifle 0-8" +3 8-16" +3 16-32" -3 32-48" -6 13 3 N Suppressive Fire


This indicates the range of the weapon in inches, and how effective it is when firing against a target at different distances. Weapons have four possible Ranges: Short, Medium, Long and Maximum.

In the table, each Range has two values. The first is the upper distance limit, in inches, for that Range. The second is the Modifier (MOD) applied to attacks within that Range.

BS Attacks against a target farther than the Maximum Range of the weapon fail automatically without a Roll.

Range Example

A Combi Rifle firing against a target at Short Range (from 0.01″ to 8″) applies a +3 MOD to the shooter's BS Attribute.
At Medium Range (8.01″ to 16″), it applies a +3 MOD to the shooter's BS.
At Long Range (16.01″ to 32″), the Combi applies a -3 MOD to the shooter's BS.
Finally, at Maximum Range (32.01″ to 48″), the Combi Rifle applies a -6 MOD to the shooter's BS. Any BS Attack made with this weapon against a target farther than 48 inches fails automatically.


The weapon's destructive potential. The higher a weapon's Damage value, the more dangerous it is. Use the Damage value to calculate the difficulty of ARM Roll/BTS Rolls against that weapon.

Burst (B)

The B value is the number of shots the weapon is capable of firing in a single BS Attack Skill declaration. This value only applies during the Active Turn.

During the Reactive Turn, the B value is reduced to 1.

When firing, you can distribute the weapon's Burst amongst any number of enemies within LoF. Choose this distribution when declaring the Short Skill BS Attack.

This means that when you declare a BS Attack with a Combi Rifle, you can make three BS Rolls - each one an attempt to hit a target - because the weapon's Burst is 3.


Most weapons and Equipment have special features, called Traits. See the Traits page for full details.


The Class of Ammunition used by the weapon. There are two Classes of Ammunition: Normal (N) and Special.

Ammunition Categories

Categories are a way to classify Ammunition depending on its properties. There are three Categories:

  • Standard: The Special Skill Immunity: Total affects this Ammunition.
  • Exotic: This Ammunition ignores the effects of the Special Skill Immunity: Total.
  • Bio-Munition. The Special Skill Bioimmunity affects this Ammunition.

Note - as of Daedalus' Fall, Immunity: Total has been replaced with Total Immunity which has it's own new rules.

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