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This Common Skill represents a quick peek over of a ledge in order to fire upon an enemy below that would normally be outside LoF. Leaning out is useful for troopers on rooftops to attack enemies at ground level.

  • The user must be in base contact with the edge of an elevated position or high ground (such as a rooftop, a balcony, a window, etc.).
  • If there is a terrain element along the edge of the elevated position (a parapet, a barricade, a windowsill...), it cannot be thicker than 1 inch or higher than half the height of the trooper who Leans Out.
  • Lean Out is an Entire Order comprised of Move + BS Attack.
  • In exceptionally ambiguous cases, you can hold the model (or the Silhouette Template) in the air in base contact with the edge of the terrain in order to draw LoF and execute the BS Attack. In these cases, hold the model so that the underside of the base (or the Silhouette Template) is entirely in the air to help clarify LoF (see diagram).
  • At the end of the Order, place the model where it was before the Lean Out declaration.
  • By declaring Lean Out, the trooper gains LoF to targets directly below, near the base of the terrain element the trooper is perched upon. Likewise, these enemies gain LoF towards the active trooper (assuming, of course, they are facing toward him).
  • Troopers in base contact with windows or parapets of the right dimensions can also Lean Out. The same rules apply in these cases, with the only exception that the user of this Common Skill gains Partial Cover.
  • If the user is Prone when he declares Lean Out, he can benefit from Partial Cover against all enemies in lower positions.
  • When declaring the Move part of the Entire Order, you must specify the exact route the trooper will follow, so that the opponent can declare the appropriate AROs.
  • Troopers have a LoF arc of 360˚ while they are moving.
Lean Out example
In his Active Turn, Alguacil Ortega, who is standing on the edge of a rooftop with no parapet, tries to draw a bead on his hated adversary, Fusilier Angus, who is using that building as cover at ground level.
Ortega cannot see Angus from his position, so he declares Lean Out as an Entire Order. Ortega's player holds the model in the air so that its base is in contact with the outer edge of the rooftop. Then, Lines of Fire are drawn from that position. Once LoF is determined, Ortega returns to his initial position. In game terms, Ortega has moved, obtained LoF towards Angus for a moment and made a BS Attack, finishing his movement where he started. The Fusilier, who also gains LoF against Ortega, declares his own ARO: BS Attack.
In this situation, Angus is not forced to apply the negative MODs for Partial Cover to his BS Roll, since the rooftop does not have a parapet or any other element that would give Ortega Partial Cover. Conversely, if there was a conveniently sized cover along the edge of the rooftop, or if Ortega was Prone, then Angus would suffer the Partial Cover MODs.