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This Special Skill allows its owner to apply the Spec-Ops Experience when playing a campaign.

  • An Army List cannot have more than one trooper possessing this Special Skill.
  • Following the Campaign Rules, players can spend Experience Points (XP) to increase the Attributes of the owner of this Special Skill. Players can also use XP to buy new Special Skills, weapons or pieces of Equipment for the trooper from the charts of their faction.
  • The owner of this Special Skill will be considered a Specialist Troop in those scenarios that state it, and can apply the Special Rules the scenario specifies for these troopers.

In Special Operations units it is common to see the presence of a member possessing some technical skills, usually focused, but not exclusively, on intrusion and counter-security techniques. Sometimes, these operatives have undertaken specific training courses, but it is also often the case that their knowledge comes from their own experience after years of service and a long career of being part of covert activities teams.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.8, Oct 2019
Q: Does the Spec-Op count for AVA of the units of their origin?
A: No.
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