Hedgehog Weapon

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This weapon was removed from the game in Human Sphere N3.

CC Attack
  • Base to base contact.
  • Hedgehog Weapon is a weapon that does not require a CC Roll to use.
  • When an enemy in base to base contact declares a CC Attack or a Dodge against the user of a Hedgehog Weapon, this CC weapon applies a -6 MOD to that enemy's CC or PH for the appropriate Normal Roll.
  • If the opponent fails his CC or PH Roll with a Failure Category equal to or less than 6 (that is, if he fails his CC or PH Roll due to the -6 MOD), then he must make an ARM Roll against a Damage value equal to the PH Attribute of the Hedgehog Weapon's user.
  • Hedgehog Weapon can be used proactively by declaring a CC Attack with it, but the effect only applies if the enemy declares an ARO.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Hedgehog Weapon -- -- -- -- PH 1 N CC
N2 Human Sphere & Paradiso Content, to be updated!
This rule is from the FAQ for Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso.

The Hedgehog Weapon term is used to refer to personal defense devices and also for those evolutionary developments based on the same defensive concept: a coating covered by sharpened spikes to avoid aggressive contact. The spikes of the Chaksa auxiliary troops are hair covered by thick high density keratin layers that provide the rigidity necessary to make it a weapon. The spikes are inserted between the muscles of the subdermal layer, which facilitates defensive reactions. As an unconscious and reflexive movement, the Chaksa spreads the characteristic poison its dermis exudes along the spines, making them fearsome weapons.