Flash Special Ammunition

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

A variety of non-lethal weapons and devices capable of temporarily incapacitating a target by overloading his visual receptors.

This new rule replaces the version previously shown in Infinity N3.




After a successful Attack using Flash Special Ammunition, the target must make a BTS Roll.


  • Failing the BTS Roll causes the target to enter the Stunned state, placing a Stunned Marker beside him.
  • Additionally, failing the BTS Roll causes the target to fail the subsequent Guts Roll for having survived an attack, unless he has the Special Skill V: Courage or an equivalent.
  • Critical hits with Flash Special Ammunition cause the target to enter the Stunned state directly, bypassing the usual BTS Roll, and to fail the Guts Roll too.

Flash Special Ammunition emits focused beams of light and sound to stun the target. This term is also used for concentrated bursts of data capable of jamming a target's sensory ports. Generally speaking, the overwhelming Flash interferes with the target's eyes and sensors, causing temporary blindness and disorientation. Against organic beings, it can also affect the inner ears, provoking vertigo and nausea. Against inorganic troops, the sensory overload cascades into the control systems, causing similar effects.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: A trooper with a SymbioMate is hit by a weapon that forces an ARM or BTS Roll, and has the Non-Lethal Trait. Will the SymbioMate be removed by this hit?
A: No. Due to Total Immunity, the trooper will not be making an ARM or BTS Roll, so the SymbioMate is not removed.
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