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During the Active Turn, Fireteams behave differently from other Infinity troopers, as explained below:


  • During the Active Turn, all troopers who are part of a Fireteam activate with a single Regular Order from the Order Pool of their Combat Group.
  • However, all members of a Fireteam must declare the same Order, declaring the same Short Skills of the Order or Entire Order as the Team Leader.
Any Short Skills of the Order, or Entire Order, a Fireteam member cannot perform are considered an Idle. However, troopers will perform the Short Skills of that Order they are able to perform. In this situation, the other Fireteam members will perform their Order normally.
  • After declaring the Team Leader's first Short Skill or Entire Order the player must perform an Initial Coherency Check to know how many members the Fireteam has.
  • A Fireteam grants a single ARO to each enemy trooper within LoF or ZoC.
So, each enemy trooper will be able to declare a single ARO against only one of the Fireteam members who are in their LoF or ZoC.
Any members that break Coherency are no longer part of the Fireteam (see Fireteam Integrity).


Declaring Orders for a Fireteam works differently, and is limited to a specific combination of Skills.

Specific skill combinations compose a Fireteam Order. These skills are grouped into three different classifications depending on their effects: Movement Skills, Support Skills and Evasion Skills.

To declare a Fireteam Order, players can only use the specific skill combinations shown in the Fireteam Order Chart:


-Movement Skill

-Movement Skill + Movement Skill

-Movement Skill + Evasion Skill / Evasion Skill + Movement Skill

-Movement Skill + Support Skill / Support Skill + Movement Skill

-Evasion Skill

-Support Skill


This classification includes all the Movement Short Skills (except Discover), and the Entire Order Skills: Cautious Movement, Climb, and Jump.

When declaring a Movement Skill, the Team Leader and all Fireteam members perform said Movement.

Entire Order Movement Skills cannot be combined with other Skills.


This classification includes the Dodge and Reset Short Skills, and the Change Facing and Engage AROs.

When declaring an Evasion Skill in the Active Turn, the Team Leader and each Fireteam member performs the corresponding roll.


This classification includes the Skills not specified in the previous classifications. Basically, this includes the Short Movement Skill Discover, all the Short Skills (except the ones stated in the Evasion classification), and all the Entire Order Skills that are not Movement Skills.

This category also includes scenario Short Skills, such as "Activate Console" or "Deploy and Activate Beacon".

When declaring Support Skills, only the Team Leader performs the roll and applies the effects. The rest of the Fireteam members do not perform any Roll or apply their effects, but they give the Team Leader certain bonuses determined by the number of Fireteam members.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: An Auxilia and his Auxbot declares Move as first Short Skill of his Order. A Celestial Guard who only has LoF against Auxbot decide not to declare any ARO. With the second Short Skill, the Auxilia and Auxbot Move again, so that the Auxilia is now within the LoF with the Celestial Guard. Could the Celestial Guard declare an ARO against Auxilia now?
A: No, because the Auxilia and the Auxbot generated a single ARO as they possess the G: Synchronized Special Skill. Therefore, as the Celestial Guard has decided not to declare his ARO after the first Short Skill, he has lost the ability to declare any ORA against that Order.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: Can a Fireteam declare the special maneuver: Discover + BS Attack?
A: Yes.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: When a group of troopers activate simultaneously (using a Coordinated Order or a Fireteam, for example), and they receive an ARO from a Template Weapon, does the attack affect all the troops that traverse the area of effect at any time during the Order, or does the Reactive Player have to declare the exact moment where he places the template, affecting only some of the targets?
A: The template affects all the troopers that get in contact with the area of effect during this Order, as everything happening during the Order is simultaneous.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: When two or more troopers activate simultaneously, (through a Coordinated Order or Fireteam, for example) can one of them “hide” behind the others to avoid AROs?
A: No. Troopers don’t block LoF while moving.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: How do you spend Orders on a Fireteam when using Tactical Awareness or NCO?
A: The Tactical Awareness or NCO trooper does not need to be the Team Leader when spending the Order on the Fireteam, but they must be nominated as the Team Leader when declaring the first Skill of the Order.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: If a Fireteam contains troopers in Holoprojector L1 state and the Team Leader declares an Attack, will those troopers lose Holoprojector L1 state?
A: No. As listed in the example for Holoprojector L1 and Fireteams, this will not cancel the state.
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