Fireteam: Triad

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

The Fireteam: Triad is composed of highly coordinated and mixed combat units, used to perform joint operations with complementary units.


In addition to the Fireteam Common Requirements, a Fireteam: Triad has to fulfill the following specific Requirements:

  • This Type of Fireteam can only be composed of troopers that have the Fireteam: Triad Special Skill, but it is not required for them to belong the same unit.
  • To compose a Fireteam: Triad three members are required.


  • Fireteam: Triad allows players to compose three member Fireteams.
  • This Type of Fireteam allows players to apply the two or three member Fireteam bonuses.
  • This Type of Fireteam can be used in Generic Army Lists, in addition to Sectorial Army Lists.
  • A Fireteam: Triad is identified by the Triad Leader Marker (F: TRIAD LEADER), which is the equivalent to the Team Leader of the Infinity Fireteams rule.
  • A player can have more than one Fireteam: Triad on the game table.


In addition to the Cancellation conditions specified on the Infinity Fireteams rule, a Fireteam: Triad is cancelled when it is reduced to less than two members.