Fireteam: Duo (Skill)

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

Troopers possessing this Special Skill can compose a Fireteam of two members if they belong to a Sectorial Army List.

  • The trooper possessing this Special Skill must belong to a Sectorial Army List, or have a Special Skill, piece of Equipment or Hacking Program that allows its use.
  • When used, the owner of this Special Skill must be part of that Fireteam: Duo.
  • This Special Skill allows formation of a Fireteam: Duo following the rules of Fireteam composition.
  • It is not compulsory that the owner of this Special Skill be the Team Leader of the Fireteam: Duo.

When creating a Fireteam: Haris or Duo, the Fireteam belongs to the unit of the trooper with the Fireteam: Haris or Duo Special Skill. For example, in OperationS, A Deva Haris + two Yadu would be a Deva Fireteam, and a Yadu Haris + Yadu + Deva would be a Yadu Fireteam.

Some troops are used to acting in pairs, working in perfect synchronization as one tactical element. This combat binomial tends to be formed by troops of the same quality, although within certain units a senior or veteran operative is in charge of the decision making on the ground, or is tasked with the instruction of the other member who tends to be a rookie operative. In penal units, this works as an imposed order, in which each member of the binomial is responsible for the other. So if one of them disobeys the orders, both of them will be punished.

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