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Human Sphere N3 Content.

This is the most versatile and powerful type of Fireteam, and the one which allows the highest number of members.


In addition to the Fireteam Common Requirements, a Fireteam: Core has to fulfill the following specific Requirements:

  • Only those units specified on their Sectorial Army List can compose a Fireteam: Core.
  • To compose a Fireteam: Core, the minimum trooper number Requirement is two, and the maximum is five.
  • The player can only have a single Fireteam: Core on the game table, unless a Special Rule, Scenario Rule, or some Special Skill indicates otherwise.


  • Fireteam: Core allows players to compose Fireteams of two, three, four, or five members.
  • This Type of Fireteam allows players to apply the two, three, four, or five member Fireteam bonuses, depending on how many members it has.
  • A Fireteam: Core is identified by the Team Leader Marker (F: TEAM LEADER).


  • In addition to the Cancellation conditions specified on the Infinity Fireteams rule, a Fireteam: Core is cancelled when it is reduced to less than two members.

When creating a Fireteam: Core that includes Wildcard troopers, you must include at least one trooper from one of the units listed for that Fireteam in the Sectorial chart, or a trooper who counts as one of those units.

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