Executive Order

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The user of this Special Skill has special authorization from his High Command to assume immediate command of the combat force.

Obligatory, Private Information.
  • This Special Skill activates only when the user deploys on the game table.

Loss of Lieutenant and Executive Order

You cannot use this Special Skill while your army is in a Loss of Lieutenant situation. You may nominate a trooper with Executive Order as your Lieutenant at the end of your Active Turn as usual.

In the military jargon shared across the Human Sphere, variations of "Executive Order" refer to priority orders from a superior officer, particularly when they come from the highest echelons of the military. The term is frequently accompanied by sarcasm and derision, as the sudden violation of standard military procedures is seen as the annoying result of external meddling, often by high rank officers far away from the battlefield.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: Can Special Lieutenant Orders be used by anyone other than the trooper who generated them in the Order Count step of the Tactical Phase?
A: No, unless a rule specifies otherwise. For example, a trooper with NCO can use Lieutenant Orders without having generated them, but a trooper with Executive Order cannot use Lieutenant Orders that were generated by another trooper.
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