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This Common Skill allows a trooper in the Reactive Turn to move into base to base contact with an enemy.


In order to declare Engage as an ARO, the user must have an active enemy declare or perform an Order within his LoF and a 2-inch radius around him.

  • This ARO allows the user to move into base to base contact with an enemy activated by an Order within his LoF and inside a 2-inch radius.
  • You do not have to determine a specific route to follow when declaring Engage.
  • The user must pass a Normal or Face to Face PH Roll in order to successfully Engage.
  • If the Roll is successful, then the user Dodges all Attacks against him and moves into base to base contact with his target at the final location previously declared.
  • However, when entering base to base contact, the active trooper decides where around its base to place the reactive trooper.
  • If the user was inside the Area of Effect of a Deployable Weapon, then successfully Engaging his enemy does not activate or set off that Deployable Weapon.
  • If the user fails his Roll, then he receives all successful Attacks against him and does not move into CC.
  • If the target of Engage declares an Attack of any kind, including a CC Attack, against the user, and wins the Face to Face Roll, then the user receives all pertinent impacts and makes his ARM/BTS Rolls without moving.
  • Failing the Engage Roll also sets off enemy Deployable Weapons if the user is in their Area of Effect, forcing him to make all pertinent ARM/BTS Rolls without moving.
  • You cannot declare Engage if the reactive trooper would be incapable of reaching his target even if it is closer than 2 inches (for example, if there is a wall or an insurmountable chasm in the way).
  • Engage movement must follow the General Movement rules of the Move Common Skill.
  • Any rules, Traits, Special Skills, etc. that would apply a MOD to a Dodge attempt also apply to this Common Skill.

Measuring Engage

Immediately after declaring an Engage ARO, and before the Active Player would declare the next Short Skill of the Order, measure to check whether the target is inside the 2-inch range.

Is the target is farther than 2 inches, then the Engage ARO cannot be executed and the reactive trooper performs an Idle ARO instead.


Motorcycles and Remotes suffer a -3 MOD to their PH Attribute in all Engage attempts.

TAG suffer a 6 MOD to their PH Attribute in all Engage attempts.

Visualizing an Engage

Engage is conceived as a movement of opportunity when an enemy passes by a reactive trooper. By passing his Roll, the reactive trooper moves into base to base contact to force a Close Combat situation in subsequent Orders, or simply to engage the enemy in CC to limit his options. If the user fails his Roll, he does not get to move or Dodge any incoming Attacks. If the target of Engage declared a CC Attack against the user and wins the Face to Face Roll, this represents how the user tried to approach his foe, received a hit and backtracked to his original position.

Engage example
In his Reactive Turn, the vicious Dāturazi Jedak is the target of a BS Attack at the hands of the intrepid Fusilier Angus. Since Angus seems to be close enough, Jedak declares Engage as his ARO in order to enter Close Combat. The Combined Army player measures the distance and confirms that the enemy Fusilier is less than 2 inches away, so the Engage attempt is legal. Once this is confirmed, Angus declares the second Short Skill of his Order: Move into a Partial Cover. A Face to Face Roll takes place between the BS Attribute of the Fusilier in Active Turn and the Dāturazi's PH. Today happens to be Jedak' lucky day, so he wins the Face to Face Roll, moving his 2 inches and evading the BS Attack. The Dāturazi enters base to base contact with poor old Angus. Now, Angus' player, as Active Player, gets to decide where on the Fusilier's base to place Jedak's model. She places it so that, in the almost certain eventuality that Angus should be struck down by a CC Attack, Jedak would be left standing within LoF of several PanOceanian soldiers.
Had it not been his lucky day, Jedak would have lost the Face to Face Roll. In that case, since he failed to evade the BS Attack, he would have made an ARM Roll. Additionally, his movement into base to base contact with Fusilier Angus wouldn't take place.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: What happens if a miniature with a 25 mm base moves inside a room with a Narrow Access receives a successful Engage attack from a model with a 40 mm base?
A: Both figures will end their movements inside the room, ignoring the Narrow Access.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: How do the MODs for Low/Poor Visibility Zones apply to Dodge Rolls? And to Engage?
A: The MODs apply whenever a Skill, Special Skill or piece of Equipment requires LoF and is declared from, into or through a Low or Poor Visibility Zone. Note that if the trooper is within the Visibility Zone this also applies to Dodge Rolls against template weapons from outside LoF. So:
  • Any Dodge declared inside a Low/Poor Visibility Zone suffers the negative MOD, even in Close Combat or if the Dodge didn’t involve LoF.
  • Any Dodge which LoF to the enemy trooper passes into/out/through a Low/Poor Visibility Zone suffers the penalty.

The negative MOD will also apply to the Engage Common Skill.

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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Does Kinematika increase the Engage radius?
A: Yes.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: If a trooper declares an Engage ARO, can they be placed “on a wall” if the active trooper ends their move near a wall?
A: No.
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