Electromagnetic (E/M) Special Ammunition

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This ammunition emits a high-energy electromagnetic pulse upon activation or upon impact, with the intent of disabling the target's electronics.




After a successful attack using E/M Special Ammunition, the target must make a BTS Roll using half his BTS value.


  • E/M Special Ammunition reduces the BTS value of its target to half of its original value, rounding up.
  • Failing a BTS Roll against E/M Special Ammunition causes the target to enter the Isolated state, preventing it from receiving Orders from the Order Pool. In that case, place an Isolated Marker next to the affected figure.
  • If, at the start of his following Active Turns, the trooper is still Isolated, then he is considered to be Irregular' and it does not add his Order to that Turns Order Pool.
  • If the target fails the BTS Roll and is Heavy Infantry (HI), a TAG, a Remote (REM) or a Vehicle, then it is rendered Immobilized-2 in addition to Isolated. In that case, place an Immobilized-2 Marker (IMM-2) next to it in addition to the Isolated Marker.
  • If the target fails the BTS and has one or more pieces of Equipment with the Comms Equipment Trait, then that equipment enters the Disabled state (in addition to the Isolated and Immobilized states, if applicable). In that case, place a Disabled Marker (DISABLED), in base to base contact with it.
  • A trooper who receives an impact from E/M Special Ammunition and fails the BTS Roll must make the usual Guts Roll.

The exception to this are HIs, TAGs, Remotes and Vehicles that, having failed the BTS Roll, are now Immobilized-2 and cannot make Guts Rolls. Also, troopers possessing the V: Courage Special Skill or an equivalent can ignore this rule.

  • Critical hits with E/M Special Ammunition cause the target to suffer its effects (Isolated, etc.) directly, bypassing the usual BTS Roll.

E/M Ammo Chart

BTS Attribute: Value Against E/M Ammo:
0 0
3 2
6 3
9 5

E/M Special Ammunition and CC Weapons

Close Combat Weapons that use E/M Special Ammunition cause Normal damage in addition to the E/M effect. Critical hits in CC are always applied to the E/M effect.

Consequently, the target must make an ARM Roll in addition to the BTS Roll (with half its usual BTS value). For both Rolls, the CC Weapon's Damage is the trooper's PH Attribute.

Example of E/M Special Ammunition

Fusilier Angus is resting against Partial Cover, when an E/M Grenade suddenly explodes nearby. Since the Grenade's Circular Template affects Angus, he must make a BTS Roll. He predictably fails his Roll, so now an Isolated Marker (ISOLATED) is placed beside him. Next, Angus must make a Guts Roll.
Meanwhile, Fusilier Spencer, who was behind Angus and the Cover, was also affected by the Circular Template, so he makes his BTS Roll, which BTS Roll is successful, but he still has to make a Guts Roll if he wants to stay put.
The well-aimed Grenade also affected Father-Knight Bernhardt, who failed his BTS Roll. He now gets an Isolated Marker (ISOLATED) and, even worse, his armor suit shuts down, leaving him Immobilized-2 and trapped inside. This is signaled by placing an Immobilized-2 Marker (IMM-2) beside him.

ATTENTION: This Special Ammunition affects Cubes and its use is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

Despite not causing direct physical damage to living organisms, E/M Ammunition is extremely useful against heavier support or offensive units, disabling them and stopping their movement. Electromagnetic pulses are currently one of the most common offensive elements in the realm of electronic warfare. Their potential for disabling electronic and quantronic components is crucial when communications are essential in maximizing the operational effectiveness of infantry soldiers. E/M Ammunition can reduce modern-day hyper-sophisticated enemy soldiers to warriors of antiquity, leaving them stranded from the rest of their combat force.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: A trooper inside the enemy Hacking Area declares that they are placing a Sniffer or Deployable Repeater. The enemy declares Blackout and gets a successful Roll and the trooper fails the BTS Roll. Does all the Comms Equipment enter the Disabled state including the deployed item?
A: No. Blackout only affects the Equipment that has not been deployed.
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