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"Drop Bear" is the colloquial name used in the military for a thrown version of the Anti-Personnel Mine. The operator of this weapon can throw it, even over an obstacle, or alternatively can deploy it within arm's reach like an old-fashioned mine.



In the Reactive Turn, LoF to the Active trooper is required.

  • Effects
  • This weapon is a modified version of Anti-Personnel Mines and has two different in-game uses, each with its weapon profile: as a Throwing Weapon and as a Deployable Weapon. When you use your Drop Bear, use the appropriate profile for your chosen method of deployment.
  • As a Throwing Weapon. A Drop Bear can be tossed or thrown, becoming a regular Anti-Personnel Mine when it touches the ground.
  • You do not need a target to throw a Drop Bear as a Throwing Weapon, simply point the desired location and make the corresponding Roll. If you pass the Roll, the Drop Bear is successfully deployed, placing a Mine Marker (MINE) at the Conclusion of the Order, and becomes an Anti-Personnel Mine.
  • This means that a Drop Bear never detonates during the same Order in which it is thrown as a Throwing Weapon.
  • As a Deployable Weapon. Using this deployment option, Drop Bears are identical to Anti-Personnel Mines, with the single peculiarity that they are placed on the table as a Mine Marker (MINE), not as a Camouflage Marker.

Dodging a Detonating Drop Bear:

Drop Bears are Template Weapons and Deployable Weapons, so their effect can be Dodged by passing a PH-3 Roll.

Drop Bear Profile

0 0 1 0

Drop Bear Weapon Profiles

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Drop Bears (Thrown Weapon) 0-8" +3 8-16" -3 -- -- -- 1 -- Disposable (3), Speculative Fire, Targetless, Throwing Weapon
Drop Bears (Deployable Weapon) -- -- -- -- 13 1 Shock Deployable, Direct Template (Small Teardrop), Disposable (3), Intuitive Attack

Example of Drop Bears as a Throwing Weapon:

During his Active Turn, a Neoterra Bolt wants to toss a Drop Bear near a wall corner. To reduce the chance of failing and losing his Drop Bear, the Bolt Moves within 8 inches of the corner so he can benefit from the Drop Bear's +3 Range MOD. He places the Mine Marker and makes his Roll. It is a success, so the Marker stays.

With his next Order, the Neoterra Bolt wants to place another Drop Bear, but this time he wants to toss it over the wall, outside his LoF. Without LoF to the Drop Bear's resting place, all the Bolt can do is declare Speculative Fire and spend one Entire Order. Since he is within 8 inches of his target spot, the Bolt applies a +3 MOD to his PH, partly offsetting the -6 MOD for Speculative Fire. He again passes the Roll, and leaves the Mine Marker on the spot he had previously declared.

ATTENTION: Use of this weapon is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

The first troops to receive the new Mk3 Multi-Purpose Mines developed by Armatech Solutions were the Neoterran units of the Darwin Military Base, notoriously proud of their Australian cultural heritage. Due to the plump design of the mines themselves and the ease with which they could be made to rain down upon the enemy with deadly consequences, the Neoterran troops dubbed them Drop Bears after a fictitious koala-like predator said to lurk in Australian treetops.