Double Action (DA) Ammunition

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This Special Ammunition uses high-impact light caliber projectiles.




After a successful attack using DA Special Ammunition, the target must make two separate ARM Roll.


  • Double Action (DA) Special Ammunition forces its target to make two ARM Rolls per impact suffered.
  • The second ARM Roll is mandatory, even if the target fails the first one or falls Unconscious.
  • Each ARM Roll failed against DA Special Ammunition causes the target to lose one point from his Wounds/STR Attribute.
  • Critical hits with DA Special Ammunition cause the target to lose 1 point directly from his Wounds/STR Attribute, bypassing the first ARM Roll (the target must still make the remaining Roll).


DA Special Ammunition can affect structures and pieces of scenery that have a profile with Attributes and have been identified as possible targets by previous agreement or by the scenario rules.

ATTENTION: Use of this Special Ammunition is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

Double Action ammunition was developed recently in order to cover a military need for lightweight ordnance that maximizes stopping power while remaining compatible with standard-issue infantry weapons.