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Some Special Skills and pieces of Equipment, including certain weapons, can malfunction or ricochet if the player fails the relevant Roll, altering the trajectory and final point of impact or landing.

  • In game terms, if a Special Skill or piece of Equipment has a description that specifies it uses the Dispersion rules, then each time the Roll to use it fails, place the Circular Template on the table, centered on the point of impact designated by the player when he used the Skill or Equipment.
  • Place the Circular Template with the number 1 facing the center of the game table (as you would when using Special Skills as AD: Combat Jump).
  • Once the Circular Template is placed, the player rolls a die to determine the direction of Dispersion, as indicated by the numbers printed on the Circular Template.
  • Next, the player moves the dispersing element (be it a troop, a Template, a piece of scenery, etc.) 16 inches in the direction indicated by the die.


Dispersion has a fixed range of 16 inches from the center of the Circular Template, unless a Special Skill or the conditions of the scenario state otherwise.

If the dispersed element is a troop, such as one using certain Deployment Special Skills (AD: Combat Jump, Impersonation...), and the Dispersion places the troop outside of the game table, or in any location where it cannot be placed, or within the opponent's Deployment Zone, then the figure is placed anywhere within the limits of its owner's Deployment Zone in contact with one of the borders of the game table.

If, after using the Dispersion rule, a part of the base of a troop is outside the game table, anywhere it does not fit (a narrow ledge, inside a wall, etc.), or within an area where it cannot deploy, then the previous case applies and the figure is placed next to one of the borders of the table within the limits of its owner's Deployment Zone.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: What weapons apply Dispersion under 3rd Ed rules?
A: None. In 3rd Ed, weapons no longer apply the Dispersion rules.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.5, Jan 2019
Q: When an AI Beacon suffers Dispersion, the rule states that it is destroyed if the Dispersion takes it off the game table, but what happens when the Dispersion causes it to land in the enemy Deployment Zone? Would it be destroyed or deployed at the edges of its Deployment Zone?
A: An AI Beacon is only destroyed when a Dispersion causes it to leave the game table. If the Dispersion causes the landing to be in the enemy Deployment Zone, the AI Beacon will deploy normally at the point established by that Dispersion.
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